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These bright yellow-orange flowers, Marigolds, are not only good for keeping the bugs out of the garden, but have many other uses. This edible flower can benefit your health in several ways.

Part of the Marigold family, Calendulas provide more medicinal benefits.


  • Natural anti-inflammatory
  • Reduces eye inflammation and conjunctivitis
  • A natural antioxidant and antiseptic (helps fight infection)
  • Soothes and helps heal burns, cuts, and rashes
  • Relieves irritated skin that may be red, swelling, dry, itchy, and sensitive
  • Natural bug repellant

The petals of these flowers can be dried and used to make teas, ointments, and drops.

Grow your own beneficial calendula flowers and make some homemade Calendula Lotion!

Calendulas/ Marigolds come in the following seed pod kits:  Incredible Edibles, and any custom flower.

PLUS, these flowers are edible! So use these fresh vibrant petals to add color to your food such as sauces, cakes, custards, cheese, salads, and even butter.