Dog-Friendly Sprinkler Tips

Unsure which sprinkler to go with? Dive into these dog-friendly tips.

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Sprinklers are a chef’s kiss for grass growth, while also doubling as cool exercise for your pup on a hot day. But what kind of dog-friendly sprinkler is best?

Here, we highlight some of the most common types along with other tidbits to keep in mind when it comes to dogs, sprinklers, and having some fun in a safe, family-first kind of way.

Sprinkler Starters

The size of your yard and the area that needs watering are key factors in finding the right sprinkler. First, we’re going to cover some of the different types to choose from.

Fixed or stationary sprinklers: These connect to your hose and spray water in a directed pattern, making them ideal for hard-to-reach or small areas. They’re typically not as strong as other sprinkler types and aren’t able to distribute water as far.

Oscillating sprinklers: These move back and forth and feature a long tube with a row of holes that create a curtain of water. The sprinkler head moves side to side, covering more area than a stationary model. Medium- to large-sized lawn? Oscillating is great for these especially if you need gentle watering and even coverage in a square pattern.

Rotary or impact (impulse) sprinklers: Both of these sprinklers spin 360° as they release water. Rotary often has two or more spinning arms while impact shoots water from one single jet, rotating in a circle with that all-too-familiar clicking noise. Best for large lawns, these both give even distribution and are able to work quickly.

In-ground sprinkler systems: This underground system runs on a schedule and will require some digging on your part to connect to your water main. After setup, the sprinkler heads can be programmed to pop up at preset times—removing any and all guesswork.

Sprinkler hoses: These are like the “cheeseburger pizza” of lawn care. A hybrid between a sprinkler and a hose, they’re essentially hoses with perforations on the top that allow for a controlled spray that’s perfect for watering long and narrow areas like a flower bed.

Keep Your Lawn Green

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Keep Your Lawn Green

(6 Recomended)

Don't let that water go to waste—use these tools to keep a healthy lawn, too.


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Pup Pointers

Now, deciding which sprinkler is best for your pup depends on the dog! Remember: No one knows your dog better than you. We’ll give some general pointers, but trust those dog parent senses.

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1. Pup Puddles

When using a fixed, stationary or sprinkler hose, keep in mind that this could create some pooling or puddles in your yard if left unattended for a while. If you’re OK with your dog enjoying a good ‘ol backyard mud slide, awesome!

If not, we suggest keeping an eye out or opting for a different type of sprinkler that rotates or shoots out water in an irregular pattern. Not to mention, overwatering can be just as bad as under watering because constant wetness may lead to lawn disease.

2. Distracting Your Pup

Does your dog look at sprinkler heads as toys? Be sure to keep them from gnawing on metal or plastic sprinklers because any ingested pieces can harm their stomach. For chewers, a sprinkler system that primarily lives underground might be your best bet.

However, if this isn’t in the budget, there are other ways to distract Fido from the sprinkler. One method is to spray a vinegar solution around the sprinkler head as most dogs aren’t huge fans of the smell. An even easier method is some good old fashioned playtime! While the sprinkler is doing its thing, take Fido for a walk or play a game of fetch.

Better yet, you can water your yard in the early morning (before 10 AM) when your dog is busy inside. While this will help keep them from chewing on the sprinkler, this is also good for your lawn because the water is less likely to evaporate during the cool morning hours.

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3. Puppy Pools

Another reason your dog might go all heart-eyes for your sprinkler is because just like you enjoy a nice dip in the pool on a hot summer day, so do they! To help with this, give your dog access to fresh water while they’re outside—whether that’s a dog bowl or kiddie pool. Check out more summer safety tips here.

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