Everybody Out!

You know it from the buzz of the bees, the sticky heat, and joys of fresh produce gracing your kitchen table. Summer is in full swing. It's that time of year when long days turn into late nights chatting with the neighbors, street parties replace traffic, garden harvests turn into backyard barbecues, verdant flowers line every landscape, and the unmistakable scent of a just-mowed lawn lingers permanently in the air.

The sights, sounds, and smells of summer might be universal, but how you grow your summer is all you. Ready to go? See what's in season at Greendigs!

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August is the capstone to summer. Some of us are thinking about school starting and some of us are squeezing in one last get away weekend, but either way, there are still plenty of sunny days ahead. That means living outside as much as possible. Whether it’s grilling, gardening, playing in the grass, and entertaining, if it’s outside, we’re in.

You might be a plant parent, a kid parent, or a puppy parent, or just a lover of all things green. No matter what matters most to you in the summer we want to live it up with you. Ready to keep the good times rolling? See what’s in season at Greendigs!

We love those furry friends! At the Greendigs Design Studio in Grandview, Ohio people and their pets stop in to see what’s new in-store and get a few treats. Sometimes even Boo the cat comes to visit!

How do you like get outside with your dogs, cats, and of course the kids, on summer days?

It’s easy to say “Let’s get outside” but we know that families care about what goes into their homes, their meals, and the environment. We do too and want you to get most of your plants and flowers during this big finish to summer products that are safe but work great too.

BarkYard Good Boy - We love any product that gives us more reasons to spend time outside with our dogs. Good Boy™ keeps a well-loved lawn from looking too loved. This nutrient-packed bermudagrass mix delivers three big benefits—boosting soil quality, ensuring lawn durability, and encouraging grass to grow to its potential—in one package. Your yard will look great, no matter how much fun is had out there.

Instead Summer Fertilizer - This blend of wheat flour meal, molasses, and more protects lawns from the summer heat and has the nitrogen lawns need to bounce back in the fall. Plus, since it's rich with natural ingredients, instead™ Happy Lawn™ Summer Fertilizer is safe to use around the whole family, when used as directed, and gives us a lawn we love.

Miracle-Gro Performance Organics Water Soluble Plant Nutrition - More than just sunlight and water, plants need rich nutrients, too. This organic plant food from Miracle-Gro® makes it easy to instantly feed plants, and delivers the results you expect with the ingredients you want.

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