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Germination, Seed Sprouting and Plant Food

We back all of our seed pods with a 100% germination guarantee and will replace any pod that fails to sprout after 21 days. Please send an email through our Contact Us form and include your name, address, phone number, and name of your pod(s) that didn’t germinate so we can send you a replacement and help troubleshoot.

  • Adjust your LED Light panel so that it is at the lowest level and close to the new seedlings - seeds need the heat from the light in order to germinate. Raise the lights as your plants grow.
  • If you need to lower the lights, prune the other plants in your AeroGarden so that they don't get in the way of the new seedlings. Remember not to prune more than 1/3 of a plant at a time.
  • Rinse and refill your water bowl before planting these replacement Seed Pods. Add fresh water and follow the instructions on the nutrient bottle to add the correct amount of Liquid Plant Food. This will reset the pH of your AeroGarden and ensure an ideal environment for seeds to germinate.
  • Before you add the Liquid Plant Food to the water, shake the bottle well to distribute nutrients evenly and ensure you are adding all the nutrients your plants will need.
  • Fill the water bowl to the Fill to Here line and keep it consistent for happy, healthy plants.
  • Check the pump or aerator to make sure it is running - this keeps the water oxygenated and your plants happy.

You may notice a white fuzz developing on the top of the grow sponges. This is likely a beneficial fungus and is a sign of healthy, organic, biological activity. It does not harm your plants, prevent germination, or in any way impact the quality or edibility of your plants. The beneficial fungi will soon disappear from view as your AeroGarden plants out-compete it for light, nutrients, and water. If a seed pod ever fails to germinate after 21 days, please contact us for a replacement.

Each of our Seed Pod Kits are tested for germination and expire one year after that date. To give you seeds the best chance to germinate, we recommend storing extra kits in a dark, cool, dry place. This will keep them cool and the seeds dormant until you’re ready to plant them in your AeroGarden. Some people store them in the vegetable drawer of their refrigerator in an airtight container or bag.

This is perfectly normal! Basil is quick to germinate and grow in your AeroGarden. Sometimes, other plants just need time to catch up. We recommend keeping your grow light low (close to the grow deck) and pruning your basil back so the other pods have direct access to the light. And, if a seed pod ever fails to germinate after 21 days, please contact us for a replacement.

Different types of plants take different amounts of time to germinate and grow. In general, we’ve found these germination timeframes to be consistent:

  • Flowers take about 7-12 days
  • Salads: 5-8 days
  • Herbs: 5-15 days
  • Fruiting vegetables (such as tomatoes and peppers): 7-14 days

If any of your seed pods don’t germinate after 21 days, contact us so we can send out a replacement for you under our 100% germination guarantee.

Growing in an AeroGarden is similar to growing plants in any environment. Plants have a lifespan and a life cycle as they grow and mature. The type of plant you are growing and the tending and harvesting it receives will impact the life expectancy of any plant.

  • Flower varieties typically grow for 4-5 months and can last much longer depending on tending and care.
  • Lettuces & Greens typically grow for about 4 months.
  • Herbs typically grow for about 3-4 months and can last 6 months or more. Some herbs, such as basil, can last longer than that, especially with regular pruning and harvesting.
  • Fruiting vegetable plants (such as tomatoes or peppers) will start to flower and set fruit after they reach a level of maturity. The average lifespan for fruiting vegetables is about 12 months. With continued tending and care, fruiting vegetables can certainly maintain plant growth for longer.

Our seeds are sourced from large and small vendors from around the world. Many are heirloom seeds, organic sources are chosen when available, and GMO seeds are never used. AeroGrow uses the same proven, patented nutrients that we’ve used since the beginning – the result of 6 years of intensive testing in our grow rooms. Our nutrients contain no harmful pesticides or herbicides. AeroGarden Liquid Plant Food is derived from minerals that life on earth needs to flourish, in exactly the right amounts for your plants, derived from sources that ensure high levels of consistency and purity.

Our Grow Anything Kits allow you to plant and grow your own choice of favorite seeds in the AeroGarden. Whether you like to grow snap peas, cucumbers, or wildflowers, you can do it with the Grow Anything Kit. Planting with your own seeds or cuttings, however, can be a bit of an experiment. We hope that your efforts will be successful and that you enjoy the discovery process!

If you are using a Grow Anything kit, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee germination as we do not supply the seeds, they are supplied by the user. If you have any issues with germination in your Grow Anything kits, we can offer advice and suggestions to help you be more successful. 

Basic AeroGarden Information & Tips

AeroGardens are designed to help you grow your own herbs, vegetables, salad greens or flowers at home. Our Seed Pod Kits are compatible with every model of AeroGarden. Planting with Seed Pods is fun and easy! Just insert the pre-seeded pods in your garden, add water, and the patented, specially formulated Liquid Nutrients. Most plants germinate within 7-14 days, are ready for harvesting in 4-6 weeks, and will keep producing continuous harvests for up to 6 months and longer. Indoor gardening can’t get any tastier or simpler!

All of our Product Guides can be found in the product manuals section under the support menu on the website.

AeroGardens are incredibly efficient. Have a look at the article "How much energy does the AeroGarden use?" for more information on your garden's energy usage.

We recommend placing your Garden in an easily accessible area. Do not place the garden in a closet or cabinet. Do not place the garden directly below a source of light where the hood can be exposed to that heat. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.

No, AeroGarden LED grow lights do not emit any UV rays. AeroGarden Grow Lights emit a full spectrum of light to encourage healthy, fast plant growth.

AeroGardens are made with durable and food-safe plastics. AeroGardens do not contain BPA or phthalates. We chose this type of plastic consciously based on its performance, durability, and safety characteristics for its specific use as a hydroponic garden.

If your AeroGarden uses LED lights, you do not need to replace your LED light hood until individual diodes begin to fail. Diodes have a 2-4 year lifespan.

AeroGarden pumps operate on a timer and have on and off cycles. AeroGarden pumps are designed to be quiet as they run. If you hear any noise from the garden, it is most likely water noise as it runs through the pump and drips through the tray deck. Different AeroGardens have different pump cycles. You can customize the pump cycles on AeroGarden Bountys and Farms. For more information about your AeroGarden, refer to your User Guide. If you have specific questions, please contact us so our team can help.

AeroGarden pumps run on a timer, and, depending on the AeroGarden model you have, you may be able to customize this timer. If your pump is not running, the first thing to do is run a pump test.

If you have a Harvest, press and hold the Leaf button for a few seconds to run the pump for one minute.

If you have a Harvest Elite, press the Leaf button to access the menu and use the arrows to navigate to the Test Pump option.

If you have a Bounty or a Farm model, navigate to the Menu to find Pump settings, from there you will see an option to Test Pump.

Most AeroGardens have a Vacation Mode setting that helps keep your plants watered while you’re away. With vacation mode, you can lower your garden’s water usage and keep your plants alive even if you’re not home for an extended period of time. Vacation Mode is available on AeroGarden Harvest Elites, Bountys, and Farms.

AeroGardens are pre-programmed to keep the lights on for different amounts of time depending on the AeroGarden model you have and the type of plants you are growing. Additionally, AeroGarden Bountys and Farms allow you to customize the light cycle so you can set the timer yourself. Information specific to your AeroGarden can be found in your Garden Guide, which you can find online in the support section of our website under product manuals.

When you plug in your AeroGarden for the first time the Grow Light will come ON and will continue to come ON at this same time every day. It will turn off automatically 15 hours later. If you would like to change the time of day when the light comes ON follow these steps:

  • Touch and hold your finger over the Lights On/Off button for about 3 seconds and release when it blinks three times.
  • Your LED lights will turn ON and OFF once to confirm a new Light on time has been set. Your Grow Lights will now come ON at this time each day and will stay ON for 15 hours.

When you plug in your AeroGarden for the first time the Grow Light will come ON and will continue to come ON at this same time every day. It will then turn OFF after the number of hours used for your Plant selection: Flowers 15.5 hrs. Veggies 16 hrs. Salads 16.5 hrs. Herbs 17 hrs. Custom 24 hrs.

If you would like to change the time of day when the light comes ON, go to Menu, touch the button, and scroll down with the button; then select 'Set Lights ON Time' to make the change. Your Grow Lights will now come ON at this time each day

Your AeroGarden has a small float inside the water bowl that senses when the water level is low. If the water level is low, AeroGardens will alert you to remind you to add water. If your water level is reading incorrectly, try these troubleshooting steps: First, try to remove the tube in the water bowl, remove the float with a magnet, replace the float in the tube and reconnect the tube to the base of the garden. This will reset the indicator. If the water level is still not reading correctly, please contact us so we can help with more specific troubleshooting steps.

The buttons on the Harvest Elite are touch-sensitive. To access the menu, press the green leaf button 2 times. You can then scroll through the settings using the up and down arrows. The Green Leaf Button will act as your “Select” button to access each Menu setting.

The button lights on the AeroGarden Harvest will always remain illuminated green, blue, and white. They will flash red when the garden needs plant food or water. The blue water light will stop flashing red when you add water. The green plant food light will start flashing every 14 days to remind you when to add plant food. To reset the nutrient timer, tap the leaf button after you add nutrients.

First, try to reposition the light post and the LED light hood. Remove the light post from the AeroGarden base and disconnect the LED light hood from the light post. Next, reconnect the light post to the AeroGarden Base, ensuring the USB connector is fully seated in its position. Now, reattach the LED light hood to the top of the light post. When properly connected, you should not see the two black lines which are on the front of the light post.

If the lights do not automatically turn on, please tap the light button on the front control panel of your garden.

If you are still unable to get the lights to work, please contact us so we can help with further troubleshooting steps.

Cleaning & Care of AeroGardens

After each planting, we recommend cleaning and sanitizing your AeroGarden for the best results.

Algae is harmless to your plants so there is no need to worry. Algae occurs naturally and sometimes can grow in hydroponic gardens. You may notice algae growing in the water bowl or around the edge of the holes in your AeroGarden grow deck. 

As your plants begin to grow and thrive, you may start getting some brown "crust" or sediment appearing on the edges of your grow deck. This is not harmful and is calcium buildup from the Liquid Plant Food. As the water in the AeroGarden bowl is pumped through the system, some of the Liquid Plant Food can collect near the surface.

We recommend emptying the water from the bowl and refilling it with fresh water and Liquid Plant Food every 4-6 weeks to keep your plants healthy. Through testing in our lab, we’ve seen significantly better growth in AeroGardens that were regularly rinsed and refilled. You can do this once a month or so when it is time to add nutrients to your AeroGarden.

Check out our Rinse and Refill Siphon to help you next time you need to clean your water bowl.

Yes, the grow deck can be separated on almost all models of AeroGardens. Sometimes roots will grow through the nozzles on the grow deck and prevent proper water flow, and separating and cleaning the grow deck can help keep the water flowing efficiently. First, remove the grow deck from the bowl of your AeroGarden and place it upside down on a flat surface. Locate the tabs on the underside of the deck and push the tabs inward and down. The tabs are flexible and designed to be separated. Use a scrub brush or similar cleaning tool to remove the roots and any other debris from the grow deck. Snap back together and replace.

Plant Care, Pruning and Plant Maintenance

Fruiting vegetables, like tomatoes, peppers, and Fairy Tale eggplants, do require a little more attention and care than herbs, flowers, and salads. In the inspiration section of the website there are articles to assist you with pruning your plants.

Lettuce is one of the fastest-growing indoor crops and it's a staple. Who doesn't love to be healthy with delicious home-grown lettuce, or add a fresh leaf of romaine on their sandwich, or a salad of tasty arugula? And with AeroGarden, you can enjoy delicious Spring greens all throughout fall and winter! As a general rule, never prune more than ⅓ of any plant at once.

Pruning your herbs is important to keep them growing and healthy in your AeroGarden. You can start pruning when the plants are about 2 inches tall. We recommend only pruning about ⅓ of the plant at a time. When growing herbs, keep in mind basil usually sprouts within a week of planting, and grows rapidly. Be sure to prune your basil from the top as needed to keep the grow lights at the lowest position until all the herbs have a chance to catch up. Raising the grow light to accommodate the basil can slow or stop growth for other smaller, slower-growing herbs.

Yes, AeroGarden plants can be transplanted into soil.

Insects like whitefly, aphids, and mites that go after plant tissue all stay in check in an outdoor garden because of natural predators. Thankfully there is a natural balance and plenty of predators in the world. Plants grown in an AeroGarden are susceptible to all the same pests as other indoor houseplants. They can enter your home through open windows, on clothing, or on produce, flowers, or potted plants. If you see fine white threads on or between leaves, tiny black or green specks on stems or the underside of leaves, or a sticky substance on the surface of the leaves or grow deck, your plants may have picked up some hitchhikers.

If you use an AeroGarden Seed Starting System to start seedlings indoors, we recommend transplanting them out of the AeroGarden before they reach maturity.

Before you transplant seedlings outdoors, we recommend a hardening off period to get them ready.

Fairy Tale Eggplant care is similar to any other flowering fruit or vegetable you may grow in an AeroGarden. It's important to give your plants room to grow, so we recommend putting no more than 3 seed pods into your tall garden (Bounty, Farm Plus, or Farm XL) and covering the remaining holes with spacers. These plants also do better with regular pruning and pollinating to encourage the plants to produce eggplants. 

Plants may start to look unhealthy for a variety of reasons. Plants in your AeroGarden do best with regular tending and care. AeroGardens keep your plants healthy by providing regular light and oxygenation in the water. We recommend keeping the water at or just below the Fill to Here line in your garden so your plants have regular access to water and keeping your grow lights just a few inches above plants for adequate light.

Healthy roots are milky white in color and will grow and expand in your AeroGarden water bowl as the plant grows and matures. Healthy root systems mean healthy plants. To check your plant roots, gently lift up the Seed Pod or grow deck of your AeroGarden and look inside. Regular rinse and refills contribute to healthier roots and plants.

Many plants, including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and melons require pollination in order to produce fruit. When growing outdoors, Mother Nature performs this critical step through wind, animals, bees and other insects. When growing indoors, we need to “be the bee” and perform this task ourselves if we want to enjoy vine-ripened tomatoes and veggies in the middle of winter. In the inspiration section of the website there are articles to assist you with "being the bee".

Yes, you can grow strawberries in your AeroGarden. It is easy to grow strawberries in an AeroGarden in a Seed Pod or in a Grow Bowl for the Bounty Classic, Ultra, and Extra AeroGardens. 

If you are not using all of the pod openings, we suggest using Plant Spacers. For their part, Plant Spacers help both to diminish the "dripping noise" from empty pods in the AeroGarden, and to block light into the reservoir which would otherwise cause algae to grow. You can purchase Plant Spacers in the accessories section of our website or clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

The height of each plant does depend on the variety and how often you prune. Every seed variety we offer is specially selected after lengthy trials and is proven to offer the highest quality yields, the best flavor, and the maximum color and beauty for your indoor garden. Herbs and flowers may be short, medium or tall depending on the variety. Salad greens are typically short to medium and grow up to about 4-5 inches. Tomatoes, peppers, and other fruiting vegetables may grow up to 36 inches or taller if you let them. We recommend regular pruning if you are growing fruiting vegetables to encourage the plants to grow and produce more fruit as well as to keep them within the grow space of your AeroGarden.

Some herbs germinate and grow faster than others, but you can benefit by beginning harvests much earlier than you think. Most herbs develop bushier growth when you harvest early -- so as soon as you can trim a stem here or a leaf or two there, start enjoying herbs on your salads, or a handful in soups or sauces. You'll actually get more herbs in the long run if you start gently trimming them back early.

Yes, you can mix different types of plants in your AeroGarden to grow a variety of herbs, salad, veggies, and flowers if you’d like. If you are growing different plant types, it is important to prune the taller and bushier plants as they grow to allow plenty of space and light for the shorter and smaller plants.

When you see little white nodes coming out of the main stem of tomato plants, that is completely normal. Although those look a bit scary, don't worry- they're just aerial roots! Tomatoes have the ability to grow an entire root system from the stem, which is an evolutionary defense mechanism so tall tomato plants are not knocked down. If those nodes were to be in the soil, a whole new root system would appear and anchor the plant more securely to the ground. This is an indication that you have a happy and healthy plant that is just looking for more space to grow! Since this is a completely normal biological function, we do not suggest attempting to remove the nodes, as this may damage the plant.

More information about AeroGarden Accessories

The AeroVoir is a great accessory to use with the AeroGardens. You can utilize the AeroVoir to ensure the water in your grow bowl stays full when you are not at home, or even when you are home! All you need to do is fill up the AeroVoir tank with water, insert the hard L-shaped Outlet Tube into the grow deck and begin to pump the water into the grow bowl, allowing for a flow of water continuously. Contact us if you have specific questions about your AeroVoir.

The Seed Starting System is a great tool you can use with your AeroGarden to start your garden's seedlings indoors and extend your growing season. Just replace the standard grow deck in your AeroGarden with this seed starting tray, place your seeds in the peat grow sponges, and drop them into the spaces in the tray. Your garden can run its normal cycle, no special settings or food needed. In a few days, you'll have little sprouts that you can easily take out of the garden and transfer into your outdoor beds when the soil is ready. We offer the Seed Starting System for the Harvest 2018, Bounty 2019 and Farm 24, Ultra/Extra, and Sprout Family gardens. 

When growing outdoors, Mother Nature performs the critical pollination step through wind, animals, bees, and other insects. When growing indoors, we need to “be the bee” and perform this task ourselves if we want to enjoy vine-ripened tomatoes and veggies in the middle of winter. One way to pollinate your plants is with the Be the Bee, our specially designed pollinating tool with bristles that vibrates and distributes pollen from flower to flower. Simply touch the pollinator to each flower for an extra heavy fruit set.

This versatile LED grow light can be used for all stages of plant growth - from seed starting to flowering to harvest, The light panel can be hung from above or placed on a countertop. The light panel rotates 360 degrees and the height is adjustable. Both a stand and a hanging kit are included. The stand is perfectly sized for holding a seed starting tray. This grow light has no harsh purple glare - it's great for plants, easy on your eyes. Concentrating daylight white LEDs spur fast growth, blue LEDs generate bigger yields and red LEDs trigger more flowers. This grow light is compatible with all grow mediums, including soil, hydroponics, and aquaponics. With an up to 30,000-hour rating, this 45 watt LED light saves hundreds of dollars in energy and grow light replacement costs over its lifespan.

The Grow Bowl replaces the Grow Deck of your AeroGarden Ultra/Ultra LED/Bounty Classic/Bounty Elite Classic. The Grow Bowl is then filled with a “soil-less” Grow Media (we recommend chunk coconut fiber). Live plants such as strawberry crowns, bonsai, dwarf fruit, mini roses, and orchids are planted in the media. The customizable pump on your AeroGarden will activate at the programmed intervals to fill the Grow Bowl, watering the plants, and moistening the grow Media. After the watering cycle, the pump shuts off and the Grow Bowl drains, pulling oxygen into the media. This is ideal for plants, like strawberries and orchids, that love drier, well-drained soils.

The trellis is an accessory that helps support medium and tall plants, such as tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant. Help your plants grow taller by supporting them before they develop heavy fruit. We have trellis systems available for Bounty and Farm models. For smaller gardens, like the Sprout and Harvest, try bamboo sticks, chopsticks or our Soft Ties to support your plants. Stick them down inside the grow pods next to the stem. Plants will grow up leaning into them or you can tie gently to the support. Early support can keep plants from collapsing under the weight of the fruit (tragic if it happens just before harvest).

The AeroGarden Farm Stacking System is a must-have for stacking your Farm 12 or Farm 24 model, including the Farm, Farm Plus or Farm XL. The kit allows you to create a beautiful living wall. Upward and onward! This accessory allows you to grow vertically, safely. Brackets securely attach to the wall to ensure that your gardens are stable and will stay in place. This stacking kit comes in black or white to attractively attach two AeroGarden Farm models vertically. Create your own vertical garden stack or chain of lush, full gardens that become the centerpiece of a room.

AeroGarden is constantly trying to improve and adapt our products. We have discontinued Model # 100633. We have made improvements to bulb model # 100629, which we have updated to model # 100340. Although different in shape, we can assure you that it will still fit. Improved AeroGarden Grow Lights bring the sunshine indoors for fast, healthy growth! AeroGarden Grow Lights use a proprietary CFL light bulb to deliver the proper balance light for healthy, compact vegetative growth and plentiful fruiting and flowering. In your AeroGarden, they deliver all the light your plants need to grow - no sunny window needed! We recommend replacing your CFL Grow Lights every 6 months to maximize your garden's growing ability.

We also offer LED Grow Lights in 12watt and 20watt versions that fit in any light fixture and allow you to bring the power of AeroGarden lights to your plants anywhere in your house, even without an AeroGarden.

WiFi, AeroGarden App, and Amazon Alexa

You can connect your AeroGarden Bounty or Farm models to your wireless network and utilize the features on your garden when you’re not home, or simply in the other room. When connected to your wireless network, you can adjust your light timer, check the water level, and reset the plant food timer with the AeroGarden app.

  1. To connect to your WiFi, tap on the WiFi Icon on the garden.
  2. You will get the prompt to search for networks, select your network name (do not use the 5 Ghz network).
  3. Click next, then enter the password for your network. Be sure to include any capital letters or symbols that may be in your password.
  4. Tap “OK” and the garden will attempt to make the connection. If successful, you will get a message to get the scan code, which is used to link your AeroGarden to the app.

AeroGardens connect to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks. If you are setting up the Wi-Fi connection on your AeroGarden and you do not see your network, first make sure your 2.4 GHz network is set up. If you have dual broadband do not attempt to connect to the “ Name_5G”. We recommend keeping the garden within range of your wireless router for the best connection. Download the AeroGarden app to successfully link your AeroGarden to your phone.

Once you have successfully connected to the wireless network, you can link your AeroGarden to the application to adjust your light timer, check the water level, and reset the plant food timer.

  1. Open the Aerogarden App and select the model garden you want to pair.
  2. Read through the on-screen prompts then tap ‘Next’.
  3. Your camera should open allowing you to scan the code that appears on the AeroGarden screen.
  4. Once the scan code is accepted, you will be prompted to name the Garden.
  5. Now you have successfully linked your AeroGarden!

With an easy command, Alexa can turn On or Off the grow light of any of your Wi-Fi enabled AeroGardens: Bounty, Bounty Elite, and all Farm models. Alexa will also recognize the name you have given to your garden. Just use a command like: “Alexa, turn Kitchen Garden off.” Add the AeroGarden Skill so Alexa can connect to your AeroGarden. If you have specific questions about connecting to your Alexa, contact us so our team can help.

New AeroGarden App Account Migration


  • Better error messaging when login fails
  • Improved Farm light movement messaging
  • Resolve “Unable to connect to the server” issue
  • Improved Bluetooth stability
  • Better bluetooth messaging when new connections are not enabled
  • Fixed login issues for some users
  • Fixed Tabletop Grow Light issue


  • Better error messaging when too many failed login attempts
  • Added dialer control for light settings
  • Only allow valid scan code characters during manual entry
  • Better error messaging when trying to add a device that is offline
  • Improved pairing flow messaging
  • Fixed Farm temporary light settings issue
  • Fixed Farm food timer issue
  • Login is no longer required every app launch

Please check that you are using the correct email address for your login and using the appropriate login method (Email, Apple or Google). If you still have issues, please reset your Email login method password here:

Please check that you are using the correct email address and password for your devices and using the appropriate login method (Email, Apple or Google). If you are still having issues, try unpairing and repairing your device to your account.

If you are having problems adjusting settings for your device, please check that your devices are powered on, you have given the app access to your wifi, and check that both your phone and devices are on the same wifi network. For Bluetooth devices, you will need to give the app permission to access Bluetooth. If you are still having issues, please try unpairing and repairing your device to your account.

Please check that your device is connected to the same wifi network as your phone and that you have given the app permission for wifi and Bluetooth access. Reach out to customer support if you continue to have issues pairing your device.

We are excited to begin offering additional login methods in the new AeroGarden app. Transferring your devices to one of these new login methods will occur automatically if you use the same email address between the two accounts. If you wish to use a different email address, you will need to unpair and repair your devices.

Due to hardware incompatibilities and security updates, some classic garden models will not be supported in the new app. These include: the classic Harvest, the classic Bounty and the first generation of Farms (2017). However, you can continue to use your Classic gardens and first generation Farms without the app.

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