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Wish your plants could tell you what they need, when they need it? With the AeroGarden app, it’s like they can! Download the latest version for FREE and take the guesswork out of growing.

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“Hey Alexa, grow my garden!”

Connect your AeroGarden with Alexa-supported devices and grow smarter and more hands free. Just enable the new AeroGarden Skill in your Alexa app!

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Better error messaging when login fails
  • Improved Farm light movement messaging
  • Resolve “Unable to connect to the server” issue
  • Improved Bluetooth stability
  • Better bluetooth messaging when new connections are not enabled
  • Fixed login issues for some users
  • Fixed Tabletop Grow Light issue


  • Better error messaging when too many failed login attempts
  • Added dialer control for light settings
  • Only allow valid scan code characters during manual entry
  • Better error messaging when trying to add a device that is offline
  • Improved pairing flow messaging
  • Fixed Farm temporary light settings issue
  • Fixed Farm food timer issue
  • Login is no longer required every app launch

To enhance security and protection of your AeroGarden device and account, our teams have launched this app under new firmware & software. Because of this, the old and new apps cannot function at the same time. Your garden is still fully functional without app support if you choose not to download the new version.

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  • Compatible Gardens: Bounty (2019 and newer), Bounty Basic, Bounty Elite, Farm 12, Farm 12XL, Farm 24 Basic, Farm 24Plus, Farm 24XL
  • Compatible Grow Lights: Trio Grow Light, Tabletop Grow Light, Stem Grow Light

Some Classic Harvest, Bounty, and Farm (pre-2019) Gardens may not be compatible with the new AeroGarden app due to outdated security firmware. To protect your account, we have removed app support for these gardens. If your garden is affected, the original AeroGarden app will display a pop-up. The gardens are still fully functional without app support, and they can continue to happily grow on their own.

The new AeroGarden app will walk you through a step-by-step process for setup. Ensure you have enabled Camera Access to connect your gardens. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Nope! As long as you log into the new AeroGarden app with the same account credentials, your app-supported garden and its history will populate automatically.

The garden first must be unpaired to the previous account. You can manually unpair the garden from the device panel. If you need to unpair a previously owned grow light, please contact us, and our team can process this for you. Once the device has been unpaired from the previous account, you can set up your garden anew.

To reset your password, visit and select “Forgot Password?”. Once your password is reset, you will be able to login to the AeroGarden app.

You should continue to see the same notifications as the previous AeroGarden App. Please ensure you have notifications turned on within the native settings of your device.

Yes! The majority of your favorite functions will still be available in the new app, including quick plant, garden logs, guides, and photos.

Your pre-existing garden data, journal entries, and stored photos will transfer directly to the new AeroGarden app upon login. Please ensure you have allowed the AeroGarden app access to your device’s native photos app. The ability to share your photos directly to social media will be available in the near future.