Guarantee to Germinate


What Is Covered:

  • This warranty covers defects in materials, workmanship, and germination of seeds for one year from date of purchase from an authorized AeroGarden retailer.
  • AeroGrow may replace a non-germinating Seed pod with another Seed pod of its choosing.
  • Call or email AeroGrow customer service after 3 weeks of planting the seed kit for replacement of a non-germinating pod.

What Is Not Covered:

  • This warranty shall not apply to problems arising from: growing in a system other than an AeroGarden, germination of seeds not provided by AeroGrow, failure to adhere to Seed Kit Instructions and/or Quick Start Guide, improper use, maintenance or storage of Seed Kit, or use of materials not provided by or recommended by AeroGrow in or on the plants grown.
  • This warranty excludes all incidental or consequential damages.
  • You may have other legal rights that vary from state to state.