Tips For Beginner AeroGardeners

Jump in for easy tips and tricks to go from beginner to expert.

Getting started with your first AeroGarden is an exciting milestone in your indoor gardening journey! But how do you make sure your plants are able to grow to their optimal potential? We've attached some of our most helpful tips for beginner users of our indoor garden systems.

6 Best Tips for Beginner AeroGardners

  1. Adjust your LED grow light panel so that it is at the lowest level and close to the new seedlings - seeds need the heat from the light in order to germinate.
  2. Raise the lights as your plants grow. If you need to lower the lights, prune the other plants in your AeroGarden so that they don't get in the way of the new seedlings. Remember not to prune more than 1/3 of a plant at a time.
  3. Add fresh water and follow the instructions on the nutrient bottle to add the correct amount of Liquid Plant Food. This will reset the pH of your AeroGarden and ensure an ideal environment for seeds to germinate.
  4. Before you add the Liquid Plant Food to the water, shake the bottle well to distribute nutrients evenly and ensure you are adding all the nutrients your plants will need.
  5. Fill the water bowl to the Fill to Here line and keep it consistent for happy, healthy plants.
  6. Check the pump or aerator to make sure it is running - this keeps the water oxygenated and your plants happy.

Congratulations on joining the AeroGarden family. Happy Growing!