"What's This White Fuzz?" Beneficial Fungi in Gardening

Sometimes white fuzz grows on grow sponges. This article explains what it is.

What is that white fuzzy stuff growing on top of my grow sponge?

Sometimes people notice a white fuzz developing on the surface of their grow sponges. This is probably a beneficial fungi, and is in fact, a sign of healthy, organic, biological activity. It does not harm your plants, prevent germination, or in any way impact the quality or edibility of your plants. 

These beneficial fungi exist virtually everywhere organic processes are happening, and can find a comfortable home in the humid, warm, and still conditions on the top of your seed pod sponge. Beneficial fungi can form a symbiotic relationship with the roots of many plants, helping with the uptake of nutrients and moisture.

The beneficial fungi will soon disappear from view as your AeroGarden plants outcompete it for light, nutrients and water. However, some people just don’t like the idea of it, so here are a few things you can do if you want to kill it:

Step 1

Remove the grow dome if you haven't already, and don't replace it. The increased air flow should reduce growth. It may also reduce germination of your seeds.

Step 2

Scrape off the mold with your fingertip or wipe with a Q-tip. Careful to not harm the tender sprouts.

Step 3

If the seed sponge is less than 1/2 inch below the label, push it down inside the grow basket to expose the pod to more air, which usually kills it.