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Core Refills for Plant Moisture Indicator




Advanced planning was never so easy. Keep a stock of these refills on hand to make sure you always know when to water. You’ll only need to replace the core of your moisture indicator every 6-9 months, when it stops turning blue. It’s real quick and easy to do, so your plants will be back in business in no time.

Why We Love Them

We like to be kinder to the planet when we’re being kind to our plants. So we love that these core refills are made of all-natural fibers - making them environmentally friendly and fully compostable. Yay!


  • Material: Natural fibers
  • Fits the small-size Plant Moisture Indicator
  • To fit:
  • Pull the indicator out of the soil, and remove the locking cap by turning  counterclockwise
  • Take out the inner core (a pair of tweezers may help)
  • Insert the fresh refill, screw the cap back on, and re-insert the indicator into your plant’s soil