Beat the Heat, Grow Indoors: An AeroGarden Story

Summer has turned up the heat, but your plants do not need to suffer! Grow inside! In this blog, learn about the benefits of summer growing with AeroGarden!

As temperatures rise and the scorching heat of late summer approaches, many gardeners feel the "heat" in finding solutions other than gardening outside. Not every plant does well in direct sun, like delicate leafy greens; however, AeroGarden's hydroponic gardens provide an indoor solution that helps people grow what they want year-round.

This blog post will highlight the best crops that thrive in indoor environments, ensuring you get all fresh, nutritious produce.

No Summertime Sadness: Grow Through the Hot Hot Heat!

To keep Farmers Market favorites happening through the hotter months of July and August, look to grow with AeroGarden and enjoy some of these sun-sensitive produce favorites:

Mixed Romaine and Mixed Kale: Heat, Please Don't Kale Our Vibe!

Lettuces and salad greens are popular early spring produce that many of us like to enjoy through summer. Unfortunately, these do not do well outside during the hotter months. They also have a very short shelf life!

With AeroGarden, you can still enjoy a variety of leafy greens indoors, such as Mixed Romaine and Kale. These lettuce greens are packed with essential nutrients, including vitamins A and K, and are ideal for creating delicious salads or adding a healthy touch to your meals.

Heirloom Salad Greens: Greens Protected Not Scorched

Like Kale and Romaine lettuces, AeroGarden allows you to grow heirloom salad greens like SPK (Spinach, Purslane, and Komatsuna) indoors. This trio of greens offers a delightful blend of flavors and textures while providing health benefits and essential daily vitamins. Whether you're a fan of delicate Spinach, tangy Purslane, or the mild yet nutritious Komatsuna, you can enjoy these flavorful greens all summer long, regardless of the outdoor weather.

Custom Salad Kit: Why Stop at the Classic Greens, Grow More!

Our custom salad kit offers unique greens like Swiss Chard, Dinosaur Kale, and Arugula for those looking to diversify their indoor garden and add some vibrant colors and bold flavors.

Although these leafy greens are known for better resilience in the summer heat, why not grow more indoors without going out into the heat yourself? Swiss Chard's colorful stalks and vitamin-rich leaves, Dinosaur Kale's hearty texture, and Arugula's peppery taste will bring a delightful twist to your salads and culinary creations.

Custom Flower Kit: Flower Power Through Summer

Believe it or not, AeroGarden is not just limited to growing just produce like fruits and vegetables. Like many produce, flowers are just as delicate as we get into the hot summer months.

AeroGarden's custom flower kit allows you to grow a pop of color at home to enjoy all year round but also focuses on growing Calendula, a vibrant and versatile flower known for its culinary uses.

Calendula petals can be sprinkled on salads, incorporated into teas, or infused into oils and vinegars, bringing vibrancy and beautiful floral tastes to any dish you make!

Beat the Heat: Grow with AeroGarden

Summer doesn't have to suck the life out of your plants.

Indoor gardening through AeroGarden systems provides a fantastic opportunity to beat the heat and continue growing springtime favorites various all year round.

By embracing smart gardening technology, you can enjoy fresh, nutrient-packed produce that may have been missed during the early spring planting season.

The possibilities are endless, from Mixed Romaine and Kale to custom salad kits featuring Swiss Chard, Dinosaur Kale, and Arugula, and even a custom flower kit for edible flowers like Calendula.

So, get started on your indoor gardening adventure to savor the delights of homegrown food regardless of the weather outside.