Dress Up At-Home Cocktails & Mocktails

Added flare to your drinks with fresh AeroGarden bounty!

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Delicious, fresh flavors from your AeroGarden herbs aren't just for meals! Here are some of our favorite beverage recipes using some of our most popular herb varieties:

Mint Limeade - a refreshing mocktail to remind you of summer. Goes great with some rum if you're looking for a buzz.

Holiday Cocktails with Rosemary - two delicious recipes using rosemary, a perfect, aromatic herb for the winter season.

Mint Infused Cold-Brew Coffee - upgrade your coffee with some bright mint flavor.

Summer Garden Gin Fizz - have your own private garden party in February with this recipe using lavender and basil.

Flavored Water - Got a new seltzer maker at home? Looking for a way to drink more water without getting bored? Flavor it with herbs!

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Essential AeroGardening Tools

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