Eating Your Veggies: Delicious Pepper Dishes

Peppers are extremely varied and extremely versatile!

Peppers are extremely varied and extremely versatile! From sweet bell peppers to the crazy hot ghost pepper, these fruiting veggies can bring robust flavor and, yes, spice to any dish. Here are some of our favorites:

Banana Pepper Poppers - filled with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon, these will make any afternoon feel like a party!

Grilled Bread Salad With Sweet Peppers & Onions - a simple take on a classic panzanella, this recipe is perfect for days when you're hanging out at the grill.

Slow Roasted Bell Peppers with Sage & Oregano - roasted with a whole head of garlic and other fresh herbs, these peppers explode with flavor. A perfect side dish for any fall or winter meal, or add them to hummus, dip or a sandwich for that great roasted pepper flavor!

Jalapeno Deviled Eggs - spicy AND creamy, these bite-size flavor bombs are too good not to try.