Summer Garden Gin Fizz

Try this fun summer drink!

Mix up this refreshing drink for the hot 4th of July weekend! The Cocktail & Mocktail Herb Seed Pod Kit is perfect for this bubbly, chilled gin drink infused with lavender, basil, and lemon.

  • Lavender has a strong floral and spicy aroma with hints of lemon and mint. When harvesting for making the simple syrup for cocktail, use fully purple buds that have not flowered completely. The unopened buds have the best aromatic qualities. You can also use dried lavender.
  • Basil has a sweet, warm peppery, clove flavor with hints of anise and mint. To bring out these flavors in your drink, use a muddler or wooden spoon to gently press down and twists on basil leaves in a glass. Be sure to use a sturdy glass that will not break while muddling.

Try out this fresh and simple drink recipe with your AeroGarden herbs! Follow this recipe by