Valentines Heart Caprese Salad

What says Valentines day better than heart-shaped food?

This Valentines Day Caprese salad is a simple Italian dish, made of sliced fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and AeroGarden sweet basil, all with a romantic twist.

All you need is:

  • Fresh Mozzarella
  • Fresh Basil grown in your AeroGarden
  • Fresh Heartbreaker tomatoes grown in your AeroGarden (or another variety but these have the natural heart shape.)
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Olive Oil
  • Balsamic Glaze


First let's prep the first 3 main ingredients so they resemble heart shapes.

For the heartbreaker tomatoes all you need to do it cut them in half. If you are using another larger variety try your best to create heart shapes. If you are using cherry tomatoes cut them in half, rotate one half and piece them back together in heart shapes.

  • Example: For the basil, grab one leaf, fold it in half along the center stem, and cut with scissors like if you were making paper hearts in elementary school.
  • Example: For the mozzarella, you will get the prettiest heart shapes if you use a cookie cutter, but if you freehand, get a small knife and cut out the shapes.

Once you have all three ingredients in the heart shapes, start placing them in order on your platter of choice. Once satisfied with how they look, sprinkle everything with salt and pepper and then drizzle with the balsamic glaze.

Now you have a beautiful, healthy, fresh Valentines Day caprese salad!

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