How To Make An Herb Arrangement

Creating an arrangement with your herb trimmings is an easy and thoughtful way to share your AeroGarden harvest.

Creating an arrangement with your herb trimmings is an easy and thoughtful way to share your AeroGarden harvest. Herbs are a wonderful medium to add to an arrangement because they offer unique and fun textures, beauty, and smell delightful. Combining those herbs with seasonal flowers, such basil, mint, sage, lavender, chamomile, and stock, all found in our Harvest Sage Wellness Garden Bundle, is perfect for making a one-of-a-kind gift that anyone will love. Follow this simple technique to create an easy herb arrangement to gift to a loved one or to decorate your tabletop.


  • Mixed herbs (use a mix of large leafy herbs and fine small herbs, both tall and short)
  • Any watertight container
  • ¼” Clear floral tape
  • Floral snips or scissors

Make a grid

The tape grid is a simple technique that will help you create a fantastic arrangement. Furthermore, it allows you to transform virtually any water-tight container into a vase.

To construct the grid, cut strips of tape long enough to fit across the opening of your container. Begin placing it across the container in one direction, spaced equally apart. Make sure the space is wide enough to hold a stem or two, but not too wide, and that the tape ends extend slightly over the lip of the container. Repeat at right angles to create a tape grid. Place a strip of tape around the top lip of the container or slightly below the lip to secure the grid into place. Once the grid is complete, fill the container half full of lukewarm water.

Prep the plants

Remove the leaves from the bottom inch or two from the stems. This step isn’t necessary, but it helps the water in the arrangement stay fresher, longer. Plus, it may cause the herb stems to root out, which you can then pot up later.

Begin arranging

The base sets the size of your arrangement. The general floral arranging proportion rule is that you can go 1 ½ to 2 times the size of the container in height or width.

Begin placing the largest blooms in the middle and around the perimeter of the container to create a base. The tape grid keeps all stems in their place.

Fill-in toward the center

Use the full leaf herbs first to fill in the spaces around the flowers. Rotate the container to ensure the arrangement is balanced and that you did not miss any gaps.

Finish the arrangement by tucking in the smaller leaf herbs into any gaps. This adds a bit more texture to the arrangement. To make the arrangement last longer, change the water every two to three days, using moderately warm water.

Debbie Wolfe, author of Crafting with Herbs and co-founder of The Prudent Garden blog. Mark Wolfe, writer, plantsman, and co-founder of The Prudent Garden blog.