Lavender Sachets

A fragrant use for your lavender!

Growing flowers in your Aerogarden can be a whole lot of fun and beautiful to look at, but what about after? You can get more use out of those beautiful blooms and one of our favorite ways to make them last a little longer is creating herbal sachets. These can be used in your clothing drawers or alternatively, hung up in a closet.

First, you'll want dried blooms. There are a number of combinations that can be used, but for this project we chose our favorite, lavender.

You'll also need material. Plain cotton or even burlap works well for this purpose. You'll generally need at least a square foot of cloth depending on the shape and size you'd like your sachet to be.

For the top you'll need a length of ribbon to tie it off. About 6" should do the trick!

An optional addition is adding essential oil to help the scent last a bit longer. If you choose to use this, 2-5 drops mixed into your dried flowers should be enough.

First, you’ll want to cut out a rectangular piece of cloth. Ours is 10” x 5”.

Fold this in half, leaving the shortest side open. You can fold down the tops (shortest side) and stitch them in place or leave them raw. It’s up to you!

Next, stitch down the sides about 1/2” from the edge and leaving the top open. You can do these steps by hand or with a sewing machine if you have one. (Don’t worry, we’ll post a no-sew version at the bottom in case you’re not inclined towards stitching!)

The completed stitching should look like this. Side note: If your cloth has a pattern, you’ll want that facing inward so that when you flip the bag back out the pattern shows on the outside. 

Once you’ve flipped the bag so that the raw edges are inside, fill it with lavender and leave a bit of space at the top (about an inch and a half) so that you can gather it shut and tie it off with a ribbon.

And voila! Your bag is ready for popping in a drawer! When the scent fades, simply toss out the old filling and add a fresh mix of dried blooms.

Now, for the no-sew version you’ll still need about a 12” piece of cloth. Our example piece is smaller, but you’ll get the idea. Lay a bowl over the cloth to trace a circular pattern.

Cut out the circle. Add your blooms to the center.

Then gather the edges and tie with ribbon!

These sachets are easy to make quickly depending on the method you use and they're fun gifts to give to friends or to toss in as an extra when gift wrapping!