How to Plant Your "Grow Anything" Kit

An easy walkthrough to get your own plants rooted and ready to flourish!

Setup Instructions:


Step 1: Labeling

  • Write the names of your selected plants on the Seed Pod Label(s) with permanent marker
  • Peel off the label stickers and place on top of each grow basket

Step 2: Sow Seeds

  • Insert your seeds into the Grow Sponge opening using fingertips or tweezers.
  • Plant several seeds per Grow Sponge. For large seeds (e.g., pea, squash), cut opening ½" deep with scissors and insert 1–2 seeds.
  • Insert Grow Sponge into Grow Basket. Use care not to dislodge seeds.

Step 3: Planting

  • Insert Grow Pods into Grow Surface openings
  • Set Grow Domes on top of your seed pods for the initial growth and remove when the sprouts almost touch the top.  Do not remove the pod labels which help inhibit algae growth.
  • Add cool tap water or distilled water to the Bowl to the "Fill to Here" indicator. Do not use well water or softened water.

Specific Notes for the "Grow Anything" Kit

  • Try plants that will not grow taller than the space allowed by your specific AeroGarden, or choose plants that can be easily pruned to stay within this height restriction.
  • Tuberous plants, or root crops such as carrots, beets, potatoes or peanuts should not be planted in an AeroGarden unless you plan to transplant them soon after germination.
  • Dwarf or miniature varieties often work very well in the AeroGarden
  • If you have a "Plant Select" feature, choose the option that most closely matches the varieties you're growing.

What are "Cuttings" and "Clones?"

“Cuttings” or “Clones” is the term used to describe rooting a piece of one plant to create an identical clone of that plant. Many plants, such as tomatoes, are very easy to clone. Some woodier plants, e.g., rosemary or blueberry, require more effort and trial for success.

Creating Cuttings/Clones

1. Saturate Grow Sponge with water.

2. Cut the Grow Sponge open lengthwise.

3. Place cutting in Grow Sponge and close.

4. Carefully push the Grow Sponge (with cutting in place) through the Seed Pod Label and into Grow Basket.

5. Insert the assembled Grow Pod into the AeroGarden following the same planting instructions listed above

Tips For Plant Types

Salad Greens





You're on your way to a beautiful thriving garden. Let's help bring it to life!

Fresh Recipes For Several Seed Types

More Tips From Real AeroGarden Users

“Tip: When plants are mature, you need to add water about every two days. plan on that. If your plants look at all in distress ...change the water, as noted in the instructions.”

-todpod: TX

“I was a little concerned with my tomato plants. I wasn't getting very many tomatoes. Have to say [the Be the Bee Pollinator] works. I have gotten three times the amount from last year.”

-Joane: FL