Indoor Gardening 101: Indoors to Outdoors

A variety of new tools now exist for growing plants indoors easily and more successful than ever before.

Plant Indoors for Better Results Outdoors

A variety of new tools now exist for starting plants indoors more easily and successfully than ever before. Gardeners can then transplant the seedlings outdoors and save hundreds versus buying plants at the nursery. In addition, with so many more seed types available than there are pre-started plants, gardens are easily customizable when starting plants from seed.

Our favorite new tool is the Seed Starting System. Used in a 6 pod AeroGarden, the Seed Starting System starts up to 23 seedlings at a time, giving them perfect light, water and nutrition for fast growth and healthy root development. And the Seed Starting System is dirt-free – no messy transplanting, potting or soil prep needed. Seedlings go straight from the tray into your outdoor garden or planter.

We like to start a cold weather garden in February (spinach, Kale, lettuce, beets, etc), follow it with a tray of annual bedding plants and flowers in March, and finish the spring season with a tray of hot weather favorites like tomatoes, peppers and squash in April. In fall, another cool weather garden delivers more seedlings for a fall harvest. Starting seeds for your garden has never been easier!

Plant and grow your very OWN seeds year 'round in an AeroGarden. We made it easy for you to grow your own seeds such as snap peas, cucumber, or wildflowers with the Grow Anything Seed Kit. You have the option to grow your plants to maturity and harvest straight from your AeroGarden, or easily transplant seedlings and plants outdoors when temperatures start getting warmer. Our seed pods use biodegradable Grow Sponges to provide an ideal balance of oxygen and water for reliable germination. For more tools and gadgets to support your indoor garden, check out our collection of indoor plant accessories.