Indoor Gardening 101: The Importance of Water

We’re here to help you quench your plant’s thirst…the correct way!

Supplying plants with proper water levels is extremely important for nutrient delivery and fast, healthy growth. If you give them too much water, plants can literally drown. Too little can result in dryness and wilting. It's also important to remember that different plants need different watering conditions. Lettuce grows best with excessive water at their roots, while rosemary prefers a drier environment. We know, it is a lot to keep in mind! Figuring out the best growing conditions for your live plants can take months of trial and error. And for indoor gardeners using soil, improper plant watering can cause even more garden failures. We have good news, however: AeroGarden has simplified the entire growing process.

There are multiple ways AeroGarden has made gardening inside the home 10x easier. First, roots are suspended in water and air, making sure indoor plants get plenty of water and oxygen for fast, healthy growth. Second, AeroGarden indoor gardens automatically remind you when to add water via a blinking red LED light. The water reminders are also incredibly useful when it comes to water conservation, as they keep users from over-watering their plants. In fact, AeroGarden systems use up to 90% less water than outdoor growing! Finally, AeroGarden liquid nutrients contain a patented, organic pH buffering system that adjusts most municipal water to an appropriate pH range for healthy growth.

Some plants are more sensitive to excessive minerals in water than others. We encourage straying away from using well, spring, or mineral water in your AeroGarden hydroponics growing system. If the municipal tap water in your area is too hard or heavily chlorinated, we recommend switching to distilled water.

If the fear of overwatering has been holding you back from becoming an avid hydroponics grower, we urge you to start with an AeroGarden to see just how simple and easy gardening can be.