Indoor to Outdoor Gardening: A Seed Starting Journey Part 2

It's time to start growing seeds!

It's Time To Start Growing Seeds!

Spring is almost here, even if the weather decides that it still wants to snow. Following my research (refer to Part 1) on growing zones and grow calendar, it is time to start seeds indoors! I know, it’s exciting! If you live in warmer zone and are transplanting, congrats!

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Seed Starting Systems

There is a seed starting system for every garden model. Buy it once and use it every year! 

The process has been pretty easy! Plus, my Bounty Elite has a seed starting option in the quick plant menu. Set it and forget it.

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Something NOT TO FORGET – label your seeds! Don’t play the guessing game. Make a grid and note what plants are in which rows. The seed starting guide also has a handy seed starter tray diagram that can be used for this. Brillant right!?

Tip – Soak Grow Sponges in water until evenly moist before seeding.

If you are dealing with large seeds, cut a slit (use scissors) in the side of the sponge to insert seeds more easily. For some more tips, check out the Seed Starting Guide.

Learn More About Seed Starting Systems.

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Essential AeroGardening Tools

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