Let's Plant Those Seeds!

Start Your GaStart Your Garden in 3 Easy Stepsrden in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Add Water

  • Use cool water and fill to the indicator. Most tap water works great. 

Step 2: Add Plant Food

  • Follow feeding instructions on the Plant Food Bottle based on the total number of pod holes your garden contains

Step 3: Drop in Pre-Seeded Pods

  • Do not remove the pod labels which help inhibit algae growth.
  • Optionally, add mini Grow Domes on top of your seed pods to create the perfect humidity level for your seeds.
  • These domes improve initial germination and sprout health, but should be removed once your new plants almost touch the top of the domes.

Specific Notes

  • If you have a "Plant Select" feature, choose the option that most closely matches the varieties you're growing.
  • If you have hard or softened water at home, a 50/50 mix of distilled and tap water may give you better results.
  • Use Plant Spacers to cover any pod holes not being used to prevent algae growth.
  •  Starting with a Grow Anything Kit? CLICK HERE for more specific instructions.

Tips by Plant Type

Fresh Recipes by Seed Type

More Tips From Real AeroGarden Users

“Tip: When plants are mature, you need to add water about every two days. plan on that. If your plants look at all in distress ...change the water, as noted in the instructions.”

-todpod: TX

“I was a little concerned with my tomato plants. I wasn't getting very many tomatoes. Have to say [the Be the Bee Pollinator] works. I have gotten three times the amount from last year.”

-Joane: FL

Getting Started With Your AeroGarden

Ready to kickstart your new growing obsession? Our seed pod kits have been specially designed for AeroGarden compatibility, and can grow up to 5x faster than traditional outdoor soil plants when used in AeroGarden models. Follow the provided steps to correctly plant your seed pod kits and kickstart your own personal garden!