Propagate and Grow Succulents with AeroGarden

Learn how to use your AeroGarden in new ways to spread the love by propagating your succulent plants at home!

Don't hate, propagate! Learn how to use your AeroGarden in new ways to spread the love by propagating your succulent plants at home! We're rooting for you in this short guide!

Ready for a gardening project that will “prickle” your fancy?

Enter AeroGarden's easy solution to propagating succulents!

Typically, to propagate, you have to stress over cutting techniques, drying times, water, and replanting, but AeroGarden makes this process that much easier in three simple steps!

Believe it or not, you can use your AeroGarden to propagate your beloved succulent plants to spread the love and grow with the flow! All you need is an AeroGarden Grow Anything Kit, water, and cuttings from your parent plant, and you are well on your way!

Use your AeroGarden in new ways to extend your plants at home in this short guide! Before you know it, you'll confidently say, "I'd propagate that…"

How to Propagate Succulents in Your AeroGarden

What's better than one succulent? Two or more succulents!

Grow more of your existing succulent plants at home by following these simple steps with your AeroGarden System:

Step One: Prep Grow Anything Kit Sponges

Start by prepping grow sponges from your Grow Anything kit by soaking them in a water bowl. If your cuttings have large stems, you'll want to make an inch cut (with scissors) starting at the top hole down one side.

Step Two: Cut Your Succulent Plant

Gather cuttings from your succulent "parent plant" and remove leaves, so you have up to an inch of stem. Note, leaves will work too.

Step Three: Add Succulent Cuttings/Leaves to Sponge

After 5-10 minutes of soaking, insert your succulent leaves/cuttings in your prepped Grow Anything sponges about 1/2 inch to 1 inch. Note that you want the plant securely placed but still mostly exposed.

Once succulent cuttings are in sponges, put sponges back into pod cages and add pod labels.

Now you're ready to place pods into your AeroGarden!

Step Four: Growing Plant Care

As you add your pods to your AeroGarden, arrange them according to the type of succulent you're growing. Put tall plants in the back, short ones in front, and cascading varieties on the outer edges.

Succulents in the AeroGarden only need to be fed AeroGarden plant food once a month and about one cap full.