What's The Brown Residue On My AeroGarden?

It may not be pretty, but it's totally normal and not harmful!

As your AeroGarden starts to sprout and your plants begin to thrive, you may start getting some brown "crust" or sediment appearing on the edges of your grow deck. Though it may be unattractive, this is totally normal. The material is not harmful and does not indicate any failure on your part or the part of the garden!

What you're seeing is residue from your liquid nutrients bubbling up between the edges of the grow deck. As the water in your garden's bowl is pumped through the system and into your plants' pod holes, some of the nutrients can collect near the surface.

To clean this off, simply take a damp cloth or paper towel and wipe the deck down. You can try to prevent this build up by making sure you don't fill the bowl past the fill line marker. This keeps the level low enough that it shouldn't bring the nutrients up to the deck surface when the pump cycles the fluid.