Get creative this year with your gift wrapping!  Turn your gift wrap into part of your gift instead of mass produced chemically processed paper that is thrown away in an instant. There are so many beautiful ways you can wrap your gifts using materials that have a little less impact on the environment. Try upcycling or using wrapping paper without ink. Use fabric that is reusable, and best of all use some greens grown right out of your AeroGarden!  Wow your friends and family with your creativity and inspire them to start doing the same. 

Here are some herbs and flowers that you can incorporate into your gift wrap that you can grow in your very own AeroGarden! 

Flowers and herbs can be used dried or fresh! It all depends on how soon you will be wrapping and gifting your items. You don’t want fresh plants to wilt or go bad, so add them on last minute. Dried plants will last longer and usually give off a great scent! Plus, you can use the discards for your very own potpourri.  






Stock Flower

Customize your own Flower Seed Pod Kit! 

Herbs: Stick with the “woody herbs” for durability






Customize your own Herb Seed Pod Kit!

Some other great plants you can use that grow outside of your AeroGarden include: 

Pine cones

Pine tree branches

Dried Orange Slices

Dried Apple Slices

Dried Red Berries


Cinnamon Sticks

Star Anise

Have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments!