Our Purpose

Learn how AeroGarden’s grand vision to help everyone experience the joy of growing has been at the root of every action we take—from giving back to our communities to providing self-sustaining produce access.

The AeroGarden Vision

We believe EVERYONE should be able to experience the JOY OF GROWING no matter what challenges might be holding them back.

Spreading The Joy of Growing

That feeling of JOY and EXCITEMENT from seeing a new seedling sprout or a new leaf develop is EXHILARATING.  The sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT felt when eating something you’ve grown is AMAZING, you’ll swear nothing has ever tasted as good. 

But growing & caring for plants can be difficult and time-consuming. Sometimes it feels almost impossible. Outside, mother nature can be unruly and require constant attention.  Inside, sunlight can be in short supply.  And while some homes have huge yards to grow in - some have only a small indoor corner.

We believe EVERYONE should be able to experience the JOY OF GROWING no matter what challenges might be holding you back. AeroGarden is on a mission to help UNLOCK YOUR NEXT GROWING OBSESSION. We want to help you achieve all of your growing goals - and hopefully inspire a few new ones.

Supporting Amazing Local Communities

AeroGarden has had the unique privilege of partnering with amazing local heroes and organizations seeking to make a meaningful difference in their communities with the help of our indoor gardens.

School classrooms have provided a wonderful opportunity for AeroGarden to support STEM education, allowing teachers to educate their students on growth cycles and biology topics with a hands-on learning aid. For example, in 2023 AeroGarden was able to provide the students of Susan Jones' class from T.G. Smith Elementary School in Springdale, Arkansas with sprout model gardens! (pictured in the slideshow below). With this success and others, AeroGarden has continued to donate supplies to a number of other schools across the country as unique opportunities and needs arise.

AeroGarden has also been able to provide gardens to several community outreach programs, donate to numerous conservation and healthcare causes, support cancer research, and supply families involved in the Wounded Warrior Project with gardens of their own. We love getting to partner with causes which aim to spread a spirit of giving into the world, particularly through the magic of homegrown produce!

Students of TG Elementary School in Springdale, AR are thrilled to receive their new gardens!

Inspiring Future Growers

Owning and caring for one's personal garden offers many benefits beyond what first meets the eye. The practice produces many life lessons, skills of care, and regular disciplines beyond the practical harvests of beautiful produce and flowers. That's why it's our goal to help introduce a new growing obsession to the next generation, that they might experience the unique joys and learning opportunities the process provides!

It makes our day to see AeroGardens being used in the classroom as an excellent educational asset! We are honored to support schools across the United States seeking to offer their students unique STEM learning opportunities. From serving as a classroom bonding point, to a natural integration into science lessons, we are beyond thrilled to see children of all ages become inspired by the magic of the hydroponic growing process.

Imagining a Sustainable Future

Utilizing the hydroponic process, growing in an AeroGarden uses approximately 90% less water vs traditional soil-based growing!

In a world where the hefty requirements for traditional agricultural production are growing more and more burdensome, the hydroponic method of AeroGarden is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative for the future of sustainable food production.

As the benefits of hydroponic growing continue to be realized, AeroGarden is pushing steadfastly for the advancement of a world that can produce enough sustainable resources to support every beautiful member of our growing population!

Experience the Joy.

Get Growing.