AeroGarden Harvest Models Guide

Your guide to every AeroGarden Harvest model, and which is best for you.

AeroGarden Harvest vs. Harvest Elite vs. Harvest Slim vs. Harvest XL vs. Harvest 360?

AeroGarden Harvest models are characterized by their 6-pod growing capacity, and continue to be our highest selling garden family.

With a number of different garden varieties to choose from within the Harvest family itself, what’s the difference between models like the Harvest Elite vs. the Harvest, or the Harvest 360 vs. Harvest Slim?  It all comes down to structural tweaks and bonus features!


What’s the Difference between a Harvest Elite and a Harvest Model?

Both the Harvest Elite and Harvest garden varieties accommodate the ability to grow up to six plants of 12” or less with automatic reminders and light timing, however the Harvest Elite is a slightly more advanced unit that contains a number of distinct added features:

Harvest Elite Unique Features

  • Stainless Steel – The Harvest Elite is wrapped by an elegant stainless-steel finish for upgraded durability and aesthetic design.
  • Vacation Mode – Need to travel without worrying about feeding your plants? The Vacation Mode feature will program your garden to run on a lowered light schedule which will in turn cause the plants to use less water while you are away!
  • Additional Displays and Timers – More detailed plant food countdown timers and a days since planted are logged and can be tracked on the added LCD screen
  • Quieter Water Pumps – Water pump noise has been reduced even further to provide an even quieter growing experience.
  • Customizable Light Control – Allows customization of the LCD light cycle with the LCD control panel to optimize growth for different plant varieties tailored to their specific needs

To justify the functionality upgrades, the Harvest Elite is offered at a more premium price compared to its Harvest counterpart.

What’s the Difference between a Harvest Slim, Harvest XL, and a Harvest 360?

The other garden varieties within the Harvest family are primarily distinguished by their shape and height differences:

Harvest Slim –The Harvest Slim offers the same 6-seed pod Harvest capacity in a longer thinner lineup, giving bushier plants more room to grow.

Harvest XL –The Harvest XL provides an increased grow height of 18", to allow for the growth of medium-height veggies like cherry tomatoes and petunias which would quickly outgrow a normal harvest unit.

Harvest 360 –The Harvest arranges the same 6-seed pod Harvest capacity in a round aesthetic shape.

Note: the Harvest Slim and Harvest 360 models also come in Elite variations available for purchase.

Find Your Match: Goals and Style

The AeroGarden Harvest family provides a host of great options to meet your hydroponic growing needs! Hopefully this guide helps you decide which Garden provides the best match for your goals and personal style.

Thinking about expanding your indoor growing beyond the Harvest's capabilities? It may be time to upgrade to a Bounty or Farm model! Figuring out which indoor garden family is right for you may be easier with the help of this article providing quick comparisons and lifestyle suggestions.