AeroGardeners Pet Control

Learn more about how to keep your pets away from your AeroGardens.

As many of us know, sometimes our pets are just as interested in our AeroGardens as we are. We asked our fellow AeroGardeners what their best tricks or hacks were to protect their AeroGardens, and here are some of their best advice.

  • Squirt them with water when they bother the AeroGarden.
  • I have mine higher up and there is not room around it for the cats.
  • I use scotch tape to adhere the top and sides. Works like a charm.
  •  I had to build a shelf near the ceiling in living room to keep my cats away from my gardens.
  • I bought a mini greenhouse to go over my shelves.
  • Put it in a bird cage.
  • Get an invisible fence!
  • I have a kitten who is enthralled with the domes. Best Toys Ever. I had to tape them down, then also tape down the pods after I found some pulled out.
  • We have started growing catnip in ours so they can be in it all they want!
  • We put ours on a plant stand with a divider behind it so she can't reach it from the window....
  • I placed strips of aluminum foil around mine and as soon as my fur baby touched the foil and heard the sound she ran away . Eventually she stopped going by it
  • I put up an empty plastic box . The noise scares him away when he tries to mess with it.
  • I keep mine somewhere where they can't reach it, and covered at most times.
  • Bought some cat grass and place to the side or in front of the garden and they don't bother the lettuce now as much. 🙀😻 the light overflow is just perfect for the grass to grow too not too bright or dim and it grows quickly so they can enjoy it sooner and not try to eat it all up before it's grown.
  • Our puppy is interested in our farm, so we put a baby gate around it.
  • I planted catnip in my Sprout apart from my other gardens. Works like a charm!
  • Vicks Vapor rub! Works every time. Rub it around the perimeter of the garden about 1x every 2 weeks. I leave an extra glob right in front. The smell and feel keeps my cats away. They love eating the leaves off of my pepper plants so I put vicks on the top of the pepper plant leaves as well and it does not harm the plants or cats at all.👍
  • I use a small piece of bird net and command strips to keep it anchored!
  • Keep the garden in a room with the door closed at all times 😅

So many tricks out there to keep your pets away from your AeroGardens. Thank you everyone for your feedback! Thank you @kitts for the photo!