Bamboo Garden Wall Shelf Set-Up

Step-by-step guide for shelf assembly.

Congratulations on receiving your brand new Bamboo Garden Wall Shelf, specifically built to support all your beautiful AeroGardens. Take a look below for a step-by-step photo guide on how to assemble your new shelf. We've provided all the tools you'll need, but it will be helpful if you have an open space where you can put the pieces together. And if you have any questions, you can always reach out to our Customer Service team!

First lay out all pieces and start grouping the wood posts by height. There will be 4 sets of mirrored lengths.

Grab one set of A & B posts, and fit them together to form a top Left or Right frame. Repeat with the other set of A & B, and lay on flat surface.

Now grab the top support bar (E) and attach to the right and left top frames. Use screws I.A and the provided hex wrench (I.C)

Now that the support bar is attached, your shelf should look like this:

Next, it is time to attach the top (smallest) shelf. To add the shelf, make sure the drill hole closest to the back on the shelf itself is attaching to the back of the stand's leg.

You can tell the back of the leg stand by the notches. If it is straight, it is the back. If it is slightly angled, then that is the front.

Your shelf should now look like this. Set aside.

Now it is time to grab the remaining posts (C & D), the two other shelves (G & H), and the last 8 screws (I.A).

Attach the left posts to the middle shelf, then flip and attach the right posts. Make sure that the back drill hole on the shelves is lining up with the back post (straight notch). Repeat and attach the bottom shelf.

Your shelf should now look like this:

Now it is time to attach the top half to the bottom half.

Grab all of the remaining screws (I.B), and using your hex wrench, screw the top half of the shelves to the bottom. Once complete, go back and tighten any loose screws.

Congrats! You have now put together your new Bamboo Wall Shelf, just place againsts your favorite wall, add your gardens, and start showing it off! There are holes on the top of the shelf to anchor to the wall for extra support.