Indoor Gardening Gifts for the Holidays

Treat your loved one to the gift of indoor gardening this holiday season! Keep reading to learn about our top picks for gardening connoisseurs.

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it comes the chance to spread cheer near and far with gifts for everyone on your list. Is there someone special in your life who loves aromatic herbs, salad greens, and fresh off-the-vine veggies? Do they comment on how much they admire others' ability to grow their own fresh food but are hesitant to try it themselves? Keep reading for indoor gardening gifts that will bring joy to even the brownest thumb in your family.


Set your giftee up for growing success with an indoor hydroponic gardening kit. With an AeroGarden, growing fresh greens, herbs, and flowers indoors couldn't be easier. Whether they love to cook or just want to add a little green to their home, our gardening kits are the ideal indoor gardening gifts.

A Fan Favorite: The Harvest

Our most popular model, the Harvest 360 grows up to six plants in a round, compact system. Along with full spectrum LED grow lights, the Harvest 360 also features illuminated panels and care panels to remind even the most forgetful gardener when it’s time for food and water.

If counter space is at a premium, the Harvest Slim allows for the six plants to be grown like the Harvest 360, but with a longer, leaner silhouette that can sneak into tight spaces. You can also see our full

Harvest family: the Harvest XL, Harvest Elite, and original Harvest models.

For the Beginner: The Sprout

Cute as a button, the Sprout boasts a sleek design and tiny footprint, making it perfect for those with limited counter space. The kit has room to grow up to three plants, so fresh basil, oregano and parsley will be just a step away from their next Friday night pizza or Sunday sauce.

For the One Who Is Tech-Savvy: The Bounty

If you think your loved one is ready to grow big, gift them the tricked-out Bounty, which has over 40 upgraded features to grow up to nine different plants with simplicity and ease. From vacation mode to mood lighting, they'll be able to grow a fresh garden salad with all the fixings (and hopefully invite you over to enjoy it).

For the Expert Grower: The Farm

Lastly, there’s the Farm family. For the friend who considers themselves less a gardener and more a farmer—the Farm 24XL will be feeding their family and friends for years to come. In five unique sizes, you can find the perfect micro farm for your indoor herbalist.


While all of our hydroponic garden kits include a seed pod kit to start with, once they get hit with the growing bug they'll love having options for other plants to try. Seed Pod Kits are a perfect gift to include with an AeroGarden indoor hydroponic garden kit or as a standalone gift, if your giftee is already an AeroGarden expert.

Seed pod kits arrive all ready to drop into the garden's grow deck, no digging or dirt required. Grow domes for germination and specially formulated plant food are also included. With a variety of non-GMO herbs, greens, and veggie seeds to choose from, give the gift of growing healthy, delicious food at home to show you care—germination guaranteed.

Consider these seed kits as part of an extra special holiday gift:

For a seasoned chef, treat them to a variety of flavor profiles with the Gourmet Herbs Seed Pod Kit, which includes up to eight different herbs. Perfect for popping in soup or sauce, fresh herbs also add aroma to the room. And with so many herbs to choose from, they'll be able to season all their favorite recipes with the freshest spices they can find.

With a gorgeous color and incredible flavor pop, the Golden Harvest Cherry Tomato Seed Pod Kit adds a low-acid sweetness to fresh salads and savory sauces. These aren't your everyday cherry tomatoes—the unique golden hue will make them the star of the meal. They'll want to grab a delicious bite-size snack every time they walk by.

Once you eat a gourmet salad made with freshly harvested greens, you’ll never go back to grocery store lettuce again. The Heirloom Salad Greens Seed Pod Kit comes with a variety of greens, like Black Seeded Simpson and Parris Island Romaine for a mixture of texture and color. For added flavor and nutrients, don’t forget the Harvest Microgreens Kit.

For the home chef with a weekly homemade pizza night, the Pizza Herb Seed Pod Kit will give their savory pies a boost of fresh flavor with oregano, genovese basil, and thyme. And the classic and versatile herbs aren’t just for pizza—from sauce and soup to marinade and meatloaf, this herb blend will keep things spicy (for extra spicy, consider the Jalapeno Pepper Seed Pod Kit).


Your giftee might not have a whole lot of gardening experience, and that's okay! We have a collection of products that make growing with AeroGarden as simple as can be.

  • The 2020 AeroVoir: A high-tech watering solution that connects to any AeroGarden model and keeps the garden watered at optimal levels for up to two additional weeks.

  • No-Spill Watering Jug: Keep plants hydrated and happy without the mess of dripping onto your countertop. This jug has an easy-hold handle and tapered spout to make sure the water gets just where it needs to go.
  • Liquid Plant Food: A complete nutrient blend specially formulated for hydroponic systems, so plants will keep producing scrumptious salads and aromatic herbs for a very long time.
  • Garden Shears: Keep plants trimmed with our ergonomic scissors, featuring a no-slip rubber grip and rust-resistant stainless steel blades for easy snipping of herbs and greens.


As much as we would love to be able to grow fresh food outdoors all year round, it's not always possible given climate or space constraints. With hydroponic indoor gardens, plants can be grown quickly and easily year-round in a space-saving container that fits right on the kitchen counter.

Growing indoor gardens provide more than just fresh food. Studies show that having plants in our house helps to reduce stress and anxiety and improve mental health.1 Surrounding ourselves with plants is an easy way to add happiness to our lives.

Although indoor gardening gifts are ideal for everyone, they're especially good for renters and apartment dwellers without access to outdoor green space. Indoor gardens bring the tranquility of nature into the home and offer the ability to nurture food from seed to salad.


When you're on the hunt for the perfect holiday present, look no further than AeroGarden to check every box on your list. With all the essentials and accessories for growing green goodness from the comfort of home, you'll want to give all your friends and loved ones indoor gardening gifts.

Our indoor hydroponic gardens grow plants up to five times quicker than soil, making fresh, healthy, and delectable salad greens, aromatic herbs, and juicy vegetables available for culinary use fast. The easy to use system will inspire confidence in even the most inexperienced growers.

Lush, green gardens make people happy. Spread the cheer far and wide this holiday season by giving indoor gardening gifts your whole family will love.


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