Kid-Approved Learning Through Plants

Using the AeroGarden for age-appropriate science education

School is back in session and with so much remote learning going on, it can be difficult to find ways to keep kids engaged. Sitting in front of a computer screen is a tough way to spend the school day. That's where having an AeroGarden Harvest can help keep those brains busy.

Growing herbs, veggies and other plants indoors is a great way to bring science education into the home - plus you get to eat the project at the end! We've worked with experts to develop some guidance around using an AeroGarden for at-home education. These notes have been vetted by educators, but you can also make modifications to better fit your child and learning situation.

For younger kids, kindergartners to eight year olds, use indoor gardening to follow the growth of plants from seed to maturity, observe how leaves and roots grow and make connections between people and plants, exploring our food chain. Help you child keep a diary of plant growth and make notes on their observations as the plants mature. You can ask them questions to determine what they know about plants to begin with, like what they need to survive, how the plant gets what it needs and what are the different parts of a plant. Then explore the AeroGarden and the seed pods. Talk about what each part of the garden does and how it will help the plant grow. Then plant your garden and set aside some time every day to observe the garden and record the changes. Older kids can discuss ways to measure growth, like plant height, root length or leaf size.

For your older students, grades 4-6, you can focus on the water used by that plants for growth. Keep a log of how much water (in weight) is being added to the AeroGarden and compare that to the weight of the plant when you harvest. Or explore the root systems of plants and collect qualitative and quantitative data.

Using indoor gardening as a fun way to explore scientific thinking is a great way to keep children engaged when they are learning remotely, and may be losing interest. Plus, the end result is always tasty!

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