The Under $50 Plant Lovers Gift Guide

What should you get for all the plant lovers in your life? Let us (the experts) help. We’ve curated the best gifts to help you check everyone off your list, while keeping budget in mind!

Given supply chain issues this year, it’s a good idea to buy early this year.

For the person who is always golden…

 Perfect for the person who adds a little sweet to your life, the Golden Harvest Cherry Tomatoes Seed Pod Kit is excellent for adding bright color and sweetness to their everyday meals. 

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For the person who loves to relax…

Gift your loved ones or yourself a field of lavender with our Lots of Lavender Seed Pod Kit. Grow this fragrant and calming herb right on your counter top or desk, cozy up to a cup of lavender infused tea, or dry a bunch for some relaxing sleep bundles.

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For the person who always has a helping hand…

Now is your turn to help them by increasing their garden yields with a little help from this hand pollinator tool, Be the Bee – who doubles as an adorable companion and is also great for the kids!

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For the person who is always traveling…

Great for going away this holiday season, the AeroVoir AeroGarden Reservoir automatically keeps any AeroGarden filled to ideal levels, allowing them to focus on their trip and not worry about their plant babies. 

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For the person who strives for perfection…

The AeroGarden Garden Shears are perfect for keeping their garden happy and maintained, by pruning their AeroGarden herbs, flowers, veggies and small plants.

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For the person with a New Year’s resolution…

Get a jump start on New Year, New You – Easily grow delicious and highly nutritious MicroGreens in your AeroGarden! Perfect for anyone who has a Harvest, or Harvest Elite Base Garden or any of the Gardens in the Bounty Family.

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For the person who loves to Interior Decorate…

Bamboo Storage Drawer – Sleek and convenient storage drawer for plant food, extra seed pods, plant spacers and other indoor gardening supplies. Helps them stay organized while also enhancing their living space.

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