Why Use An Indoor Garden?

Explore this post for all the benefits of growing - indoors!

Make gardening more accessible

Those in apartments or townhomes, or who otherwise lack access to outdoor garden space at home can still create a verdant oasis. Gardeners with impaired mobility or illness that prevents going out, can continue to enjoy the hobby they love.

Support outdoor garden projects

There is no end to the seeds that can be started or the cuttings that can be rooted indoors. These small projects may not seem like much compared with their big finish outside, but they couldn’t happen without a functional indoor garden.

Take up a family project

Indoor gardens are perfect for kids. They are small and easy to use in a comfortable environment. Planting and caring for a garden together with children or grandchildren builds lasting memories, and boosts the child’s understanding of nature.

Grow herbs and vegetables year round

Unlike the backyard vegetable garden, countertop produce is always in season. There’s no need to revert back to grocery store lettuce and dried herbs when it’s too cold, or hot, or dry, or wet to garden outside. A well tended indoor garden produces these staples in any season.

Boost mental health

Indoor plants have been linked to a wide range of psychological benefits. They decrease stress while improving focus and productivity. They also boost creativity, memory, and mood.

Improve indoor air quality

Plants offer the unique dual benefits of increasing indoor oxygen and decreasing airborne irritants. It is no secret that plants take up carbon dioxide and generate oxygen during photosynthesis. As they cycle indoor air to feed themselves they also filter out air pollutants.

Enhance home decor

Plants enhance the overall appearance of an indoor space. An indoor garden adds color, texture, motion, and life to a room. Use it as a focal point, or accent to attract the eye, or to distract from something less appealing.

Stay active

Gardening is a lifelong hobby that exercises the body, stimulates the mind, and calms the spirit. When someone ages past the point of tending their outdoor space, an indoor garden provides a way to stay mentally sharp and continue a lifelong passion for plants.

An indoor garden is a source of pleasure and satisfaction. Plants foster a deeper connection with nature while giving back endless benefits for physical health and mental wellbeing, both on a personal and family level. And they are accessible. Experienced outdoor gardeners who “can’t grow houseplants” and those with “black thumbs” find success with AeroGardens all the time. These plug and play indoor gardens take the guesswork out of growing indoors, so anyone can enjoy the benefits of living with plants.