Our Story

Learn all about AeroGarden and our goal to have everyone experience the joy of growing and gardening in-home! See what 20+ years of gardening passion paired with cutting edge tech looks like!

Learn all about AeroGarden and our goal to have everyone experience the joy of growing and gardening in-home! See what 20+ years of gardening passion paired with cutting edge tech looks like! Join the AeroGarden Community!

Turning our Growing Obsession into Reality

We LOVE plants... we're kind of obsessed. For the past 20+ years our mission is to bring the JOY OF PLANTS and growing to as many people as we can.

Whether you've been growing your whole life or are a newbie, AeroGarden is here to unlock your next growing obsession.

Our Story

Let’s go back to circa 2000…

People were not growing produce inside their home, and if they were, they tended to use traditional outdoor gardening solutions. There were no consumer-friendly grow lights, seed pods, simple nutrients, or pH buffers.

Seeing a new opportunity sprout in the market, the AeroGarden team sat down to conceptualize a complete countertop gardening system featuring everything someone would need for a fail-proof gardening experience. After three years in development converting NASA-tested aeroponic technology into a simple, low-cost product for the mass consumer market, the first AeroGarden was launched on March 1, 2006.

No dirt, no mess, no green thumb needed.

Fast forward 20 + years, AeroGarden has stood the test of time, being the O.G. (original growers) of indoor gardening systems hundreds of thousands of people have loved having in their homes. As a product that not only supports healthy living and growing confidence in its customers, AeroGarden has taken pride in gifting ANYONE the joy of gardening at home with its easy-to-use systems.

When we started thinking about a complete indoor gardening system in the fall of 2000, there was nothing like it on the market. We had to invent everything about a countertop gardening system and the "experts" all told us we couldn't do it and make it work on a kitchen counter! But we just kept solving problems and four years later we launched. Looking forward, we know that the work we're doing now will change the way food is produced in the future, making food healthier, tastier, more reliable, more local and safer than ever.

-John Thompson, AeroGarden creator

Our Why

It’s a life truth—don’t say we didn’t warn you—that growing plants can quickly become an obsession…

There is something truly magical about the feelings that come when you see a new seedling sprout for the first time or eat something YOU have grown. Before you know it, one plant turns into five plants and then into … Well, we can’t even count them anymore.

But, for many, growing plants at home doesn’t come easy:Caring for plants can be difficult and time consuming… Outside, mother nature can be unruly and require constant attention… Inside, sunlight can be in short supply… Some homes have huge yards to grow in and some have only a tiny indoor corner…And we understand there are lots of limitations to successfully keeping plants alive and thriving but regardless of your obstacles, AeroGarden gives you decades of education experience and materials as well as products and accessories for you to have a budding and bountiful gardening experience no matter the:

Space • Time Constraint • Knowledge

We believe gardening can change lives, and everyone benefits when you grow at home– I mean, look at our growing community and what they say! #Obsessed.At AeroGarden, our goal is to help you feel the difference that comes when you have a committed “plant buddy” to share in your gardening wins and to be there as a continued support during all your seasons of growth.

We know all too well that positive things happen when you garden in your personal spaces, and we have the functionality, design, and expertise to make that difference for you.

Why We’re STILL the O.G.

Simply put: product quality, lifespan, and support.

Not to brag, but AeroGarden has the largest selection of gardens and seed kits that allow you to find the perfect fit for your needs, space, and design preferences. (Oh, did we mention we have incredible warranties and customer support?)

Our products are designed and tested in the US. The AG grow lab has tested over 1,000 plant varieties to select seeds that provide the highest quality yields, the best flavor, and the maximum color and beauty for your indoor garden.

We participate in the “Safe Seed Initiative,” sponsored by the Council for Responsible Genetics, pledging to never knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants.

Non-GMO. No herbicides. No pesticides. 100% Germination Guarantee - if a pod doesn’t germinate, we’ll replace it for free.

AeroGardens are designed to last and if anything does malfunction, we’re here to support you every step of the way.