Your Guide To: Stromanthe

Everything you need to know to care for this colorful plant.

With its splashes of color and unique moves, stromanthe would like a little bit of your attention. Give it just the perfect amount of light and water, and it will flaunt its striking leaves for you during the day, and raise them up toward the sky at night. Check out different leaf patterns on varieties including triostar or tricolor, magic star, sanguinea, and Charlie.

Stromanthe will do best if you’re attentive and familiar with that fine balance between just enough water and too much.

How to Keep a Stromanthe Plant Happy

The more you can replicate its tropical home, the happier your stromanthe will be, rewarding your care with the bold patterns and bright colors of its leaves.

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How Much Lighting Does a Stromanthe Plant Need?

Coming from the Brazilian rainforest, stromanthe is used to a tropical canopy with dappled — not direct — sunlight. You can replicate that by finding a spot where your plant can get several hours of bright, indirect sunlight. In a bright, sunny room, find a spot that’s away from the windows, or set it on the sill of a window that faces east or west. Too much direct light will damage your plant.

If your stromanthe doesn’t seem to be getting enough light, you can add a fluorescent lamp or even a grow light to its environment to help.

How Do I know When To Water My Stromanthe Plant?

Stromanthe plants like soil that is moist but not waterlogged. They don’t like to dry out between waterings. Stick your finger in the soil to test. If the top inch of soil is dry to the touch, it’s time to water. If you’d rather take the guesswork (and your finger) out of it, use a plant moisture indicator from our shop.

To water, use a small container or watering can to pour water out slowly, directly onto the soil, moving in a clockwise motion to evenly water the plant’s roots. Stromanthe plants do best in pots with trays or saucers so you can dump extra water and avoid root rot.

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How Do I Use Plant Food for My Stromanthe Plant?

Plant food is an important part of fostering healthy growth and new leaves as your plant settles into its new digs. Be sure to follow the directions on the package based on the size of your plant and time of year. In fall and winter your plant will grow more slowly, so you don’t need to feed it as often. Yes, even though your plant lives inside, it still experiences the seasons.

What Is a Stromanthe Plant's Ideal Environment?

Stromanthe plants like it warm and humid, but they will do fine in most home environments. Misting your stromanthe a few times a week is beneficial. Running a humidifier in the same room is another way to make this tropical plant happy.

For the best growth, keep the average room temperature in your home between 65 and 80 degrees. Do keep it away from heating and cooling vents and far enough from windows that its leaves won’t touch cold glass.

Show Them You Care

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The tools that bring out the best in this vibrant houseplant.

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Show Them You Care

(7 Recomended)

The tools that bring out the best in this vibrant houseplant.

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How Do I Prune and Maintain My Stromanthe Plant?

Your Greendigs stromanthe is fairly low-maintenance. Trim off any leaves that have brown edges, are dried, discolored, or dead, or that appear damaged or diseased. Use a pair of pruning shears to prevent tearing or bruising the stems.

Each time you water your stromanthe, rotate the container a quarter turn. This way you’ll make sure it gets the same amount of light on all sides. Our plant trivet set makes this easy and stylish, too.

How to Address Common Stromanthe Issues

Leaves turning yellow may mean your stromanthe is overwatered. If this happens, stop watering and make sure you put it in a sunny spot where it can dry quickly.

If the edges of the leaves start turning brown, try switching to distilled water or letting tap water sit out for 24 hours before you water thoroughly.

What to Do If You Still Have Questions?

If your stromanthe doesn’t seem to feel at home in your space, we’re here to help. Chat live with a Greendigs representative on our website or shoot us an email at [email protected].

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