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Not sure how much light your plant requires? Use this list to help you determine the amount of light you need to provide!

How to get started with your "Grow Anything" Seed Pod Kit.

How to get started with your new seed pod kit.

Find out why, and some tips and tricks for larger AeroGarden plants!

Two things that go together. Summer and seedlings! See our must-have list of seedlings to start in time for summer so you can enjoy healthy summer eats all season long.

We would never let you be caught off guard!

Have you always wanted to grow an herb garden but are unsure how to start? Here are 4 herb garden ideas you can grow indoors during any season.

Did you know you can grow lettuce at home to combat iceberg & romaine lettuce shortages? It's easy with an AeroGarden system, read more to find out how!

Indoor gardens are a great way to save money and have fresh produce year round. Here's our guide on how to start an indoor garden today!

Learn how to use your AeroGarden in new ways to spread the love by propagating your succulent plants at home!

Looking for a guide to growing lettuce indoors effectively? Check out our helpful guide on how to care and water lettuce today!