3.8 out of 5 Customer Rating

Pilea Plant

3.8 out of 5 Customer Rating

Pilea Plant


Color: Black Fluted Ceramic

Plant Care

  • Our pre-potted plants come ready-to-display in premium soil with a starter pack of Miracle-Gro® Plant Food. Small plants arrive in a 5 inch diameter pot.
  • Low-maintenance – AKA really hard to mess up
  • Water about once a week, when the soil feels dry
  • Drooping stems? Give it a drink
  • Plant food included

Pot Details

Fluted Ceramic Pot

  • Minimal and modern with grooves for a little extra surface texture
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 6" x 5.5"
  • All of our plant containers come with drainage holes and a saucer tray (to keep your plant happy and your surfaces dry)

Why We Love Them

We can’t get enough of the Pilea’s beautiful round leaves combined with our Artisan Burley Clay pots. Each handmade Burley is fired in a ninety-year-old kiln, so every pot is as unique as your plant. We move our Pilea around our home with us, because it looks great everywhere, and creates different silhouettes wherever it goes.


While the Pilea is native to southern China, it’s been popular in Scandinavia for decades. After all, it’s hard not to love its good looks and the peaceful, positive vibes it brings to a room. The Pilea is a pot-ful of personalities — known as the “(Chinese) Money plant”, “UFO plant” and “Friendship plant”. Which naturally makes it perfect for anyone who loves money, aliens or pals (of the people or plant variety).

Due to state restrictions, we are unable to ship plants to ID, HI, or AK.