My Seeds Aren't Germinating!

Our germination guarantee means that all pods in our Seed Kits are guaranteed to germinate.

One of my seed pods didn't germinate

Our 100% Germination Guarantee means that all pods in our Seed Kits are guaranteed to germinate. If one of your Seed Pods did not sprout after three weeks of planting, please contact our Customer Service Department and one of our agents will be glad to send you a replacement pod. If you are using a Grow Anything kit, we cannot guarantee germination as we do not supply the seeds, they are supplied by the user. 

Several of my seed pods didn't germinate

When more than one or two pod fails to germinate, very often it's because of the type of water being used. The water used in aeroponic gardening needs to fall within a certain range of pH and dissolved-mineral content. Most city water supplies are within this range and are fine for use in the AeroGarden. 

Hard water is the number one cause of growth problems in the AeroGarden. Water that contains a lot of dissolved minerals (well water, spring water, softened water, or hard water found in some mountain communities, parts of Florida and the desert southwest) is often far enough outside normal pH and EC levels that it may interfere with the effectiveness of the nutrients/pH-buffer . This can prevent the uptake of nutrients by the plants, which can prevent germination or cause stunted growth and yellowing of leaves. 

Well-water should not be used as it can upset the nutrient balance. 

Softened water should not be used as it adds too much sodium has the same negative effects on aeroponically-grown plants as hard water.

If you are on a well or using softened water or hard water, it is best to buy inexpensive bottled distilled water (not spring water), or use a home-distiller. If you live near a town or city, you can also just refill water jugs from a tap in town.

If you have a Seed Kit with multiple pods that did not germinate, please visit our Contact Us page to contact AeroGrow Customer Care and an agent will be happy to assist you.