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This guide provides a step-by-step instruction guide to kicking off your growing experience successfully with the Harvest 2.0!
Discover which plants are toxic to cats and learn how to create a cat-safe indoor oasis. Transform your home into a safe paradise of greenery with AeroGarden.
Read on to learn about toxic plants to avoid and explore dog-friendly options. Create an indoor pet-safe haven with AeroGarden today.

From December 1st - 12th, sleigh your holiday gift list with 12 straight days of ridiculously great deals on your fave AeroGarden goodies!

Gardening indoors offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a diversity of homegrown vegetables and herbs year round.
We've enhanced several features on our popular Harvest model garden so you can now grow even bigger and taller plant varieties right on your counter!
Here are some of our favorite types of plants to grow indoors.
Bugs can find their way to your garden whether on clothing, on other plants or produce, or through an open window or door.
Use your home-grown fresh basil and try out this delicious and simple basil pesto recipe!