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Today, we embark on a mission to ensure indoor growing is more accessible to all.

What's the difference between an AeroGarden Harvest Elite and an AeroGarden Harvest? And what about the Slim, 360, and XL varieties?

Learn how AeroGarden’s grand vision to help everyone experience the joy of growing has been at the root of every action we take—from giving back to our communities to providing self-sustaining produce access.

Not sure how much light your plant requires? Use this list to help you determine the amount of light you need to provide!

Health is not just about vitamins, doctor's appointments, and running outside. Health is a full commitment to a holistic lifestyle, and indoor gardening can help you do it by supporting mental, social, and biological health. Read on to see how!
We water, feed, dust, and even house our leafy friends in stylish pots—but what do our plants do for us?

Looking to buy live houseplants online? Look no further! Greendigs offers an extensive collection of lush, vibrant houseplants that will breathe new life into your home. Embrace the joy of indoor gardening and discover our carefully curated selection, perfect for seasoned plant enthusiasts and beginners alike. Enhance your space with nature's beauty – shop Greendigs now!

How to get started with your "Grow Anything" Seed Pod Kit.

Learn why indoor gardening is far superior to outdoor gardening.
Summer has turned up the heat, but your plants do not need to suffer! Grow inside! In this blog, learn about the benefits of summer growing with AeroGarden!

Derek Reno, head mixologist of Echo Spirits Distilling CO. shares two more expert cocktail recipes using fresh AeroGarden Herbs

How AeroGarden gardens and seed pod kits work!