Third Party Aerogarden Accessories!

Ever wanted to embellish your Aerogarden? These creators have designed products that provide an ideal way for YOU to infuse your gardens with a unique and personalized touch.

Austin @ INO Marketplace

More About Austin

"At our core, we're a family of creators, passionate about crafting one-of-a-kind items.  

Our creations draw inspiration from the needs of our home and the desire to gift our loved ones with something special.  We're dedicated to producing practical, high-quality items that are as aesthetically  pleasing as they are functional.  

We manufacture each item in Minnesota, while utilizing locally sourced raw materials from the USA whenever possible. 

In 2021, our quest for healthier eating and homegrown ingredients led us to discover the wonder of  Aerogarden. Minnesota's harsh winters and limited natural light posed challenges, but Aerogarden turned out to be the perfect solution.

The joy we experienced with our initial Aerogarden compelled us to explore its various models. Now, we  proudly possess four, with three dedicated to growing our own food and one reserved for cultivating vibrant flowers. Our excitement knows no bounds as we continue to unlock the limitless possibilities of  Aerogarden. Join our journey and let your own green dreams take root!"

Margaret @ Shiitake Creek

More About Margaret

Margaret lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with her husband and 3 children, where they also own a mushroom farm. She loves growing things and sewing, and uses her talent to create products that solve problems, which she sells in her business Shiitake Creek. One of these products is a cover that blocks some of the AeroGarden’s light and keeps curious cats away, which is currently patent pending. She loves being able to do what she loves to improve her customer’s growing experience with their Aerogarden and to help others find their AeroTopia. She says her AeroTopia is “watching my 3 young children get excited about growing things with our AeroGarden. Our plants grow quickly in our AeroGarden without the soil mess that can happen when toddlers meet potted plants, and the kids love being able to eat what they’ve grown! Our youngest’s preschool has even gotten an AeroGarden for their classroom, and the kids find their AeroTopia every day.

Customers can save 10% Margaret's Etsy Shop with coupon code: AEROTOPIA.

Matt @ GH3DLabs

More about Matt

"Hi, I'm Matt and I own GH3D Labs, a small 3D printing business in Durham, North Carolina. I developed an interest in 3D printing during the pandemic in early 2020 when everyone was stuck at home; at the time, it seemed like a fun way to make the odd figurine or replacement part, but over the last three years my interest (and investment) in design and printing only grew. I started GH3D about a year ago as a way to sell prints of designs I found cool or useful. One of these designs was a replacement pod system for AeroGarden that I call the "Adaptapod". I'm passionate about Adaptapods because, despite being printed in plastic, they are reusable and help reduce plastic waste. I'm excited to partner with Scotts Miracle-Gro to bring Adaptapods and all of our AeroGarden accessories to more AeroGarden users. Thanks to AeroGarden, I can enjoy my own AeroTopia at home, which is the huge variety of herbs I can grow indoors, year round; lavender is my favorite, and it's very finnicky when grown outside here, but my AeroGarden Farm lets me successfully start dozens of plants with ease."

Currently offering Free Shipping over $35 as well as 20% off all orders!

More about Evan

"I created UHC in 2020 with the goal of seeing if I could run an Etsy store off a single 3D printer. It was a great way to make a little side cash while I was working on my doctorate. I had been using an AeroGarden and been looking for accessories so I learned to model and print my own. I gave away my initial concepts for free and started the store when people began messaging me to say they didn’t have access to a 3D printer!"

More about Sandy

"My name is Sandy, I am the designer at MyStrawberryDesignsUS on Etsy. I design fun and colorful Decals, PNGs, SVGs, PDFs and Patterns. As a designer who loves indoor hydroponics, I decorated my Aerogardens and wanted other hydroponic growers to have the opportunity to decorate their gardens as well, so I created a line of decals for indoor gardeners. My AeroTopia is picking fresh lettuce, some cherry tomatoes, a sweet green pepper and putting together a fresh healthy salad for my family. That's truly a wonderful AeroTopia feeling! "

More about Rebecca

Rebecca Bishop has an eye for jewelry and a soul for plants. With over a decade designing custom jewelry, she's combined her passions to create Jeweler's Greenhouse. All of her pieces are designed in cad software, 3d printed, and hand finished. Her AeroTopia is having the perfect light that helps her indoor jungle thrive.

Rebecca is offering 10% off purchases of 2 or more items with Code AEROGARDEN from Nov 24-Dec 1.

Aerogarden disclaims any and all liability for the safety, performance or quality of any third party products featured on this page. Use of such products may void Aerogarden warranties and/or guarantees.

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