8 Gifts for the Plant Lovers In Your Life

Choosing the perfect gift for the gardening fanatic in your life doesn't have to be difficult! Here are 8 gifting ideas for plant lovers.

8 Gifts That Any Plant Lover Will Enjoy

Everyone knows plant people are the best people—nurturing, encouraging, and able to see the budding potential in even the smallest seeds and unsightly soil.

If your best friend beelines for the garden section when you're on a shopping trip or always arrives at your home with a handful of fresh flowers from their cutting patch, you know what it's like to have a plant lover in your life. When birthdays and holidays come around, encourage their green thumb with garden-inspired gifts they'll adore.

Wondering about the best gifts to brighten any gardener's day? Here are some of our favorite gifts for plant lovers that'll get their heart thumping and garden growing.

#1 Self-Watering Garden System

Gift an entire growing system at their fingertips with a countertop hydroponic garden. They'll especially love it during the doldrums of winter when they can harvest fresh herbs like basil and parsley right in their own kitchen. With a variety of size and capacity options, there's the perfect garden for everyone:

  • The Sprout is sleek, streamlined, and ideal for small spaces
  • Harvest models can grow up to six different kinds of plants at once
  • Bounty grows up to nine types plants with ease
  • Farm models bring a whole victory garden indoors

#2 LED Grow Lights

From heavy-duty utilitarian lights to stylish houseplant helpers, grow lights create the perfect environment for keeping live plants happy and thriving. Live Plants make energy from light, so when the days are short, supplementing with artificial light maintains the lush, green, and gorgeous foliage of a houseplant.1 A stylish countertop model or space-saving stem grow light gives sleek, modern styles and full-spectrum goodness to their favorite plant babies.

#3 Seeds

Caring for plants from seed to harvest is a rewarding experience for every plant enthusiast as they watch a tiny seed grow into a big, beautiful plant with just some light, water, and warmth. When you give the great gift of seeds, you're giving the whole experience.

Choose a customized seed collection or curate your own based on their tastes:

  • A selection of savory herb seeds for the culinarian to have aromatic recipe additions at their fingertips
  • Pick a few tomato varieties in different sizes and shapes for fresh salsa and sauces
  • Gift a grouping of annual flower seeds for a rainbow of beauty in their yard or on the patio

#4 Be the Bee Pollinator

A hand pollinator is a niche gardening tool your plant-loving friend never knew they needed for growing a bounty of edible goodies indoors year-round. Pollinators like bees and other insects are helpers in the garden, but for indoor plants, we need to take on their important role for tasty tomatoes and peppers.2 And when the hand pollinator resembles a cute bumblebee, it makes the process even more fun for a plant person.

#5 Decorative Houseplants

Every plant lover adores receiving new plant babies to add to the family, and a plucky new house plant in a stylish pot is the perfect way to show you care. Easygoing greenery like snake plants or pothos in sleek ceramic pots will instantly dress up their space and add beauty to their life. Plus, they'll think of you every time they glance at the small plant. Not only are you giving them a house plant, but you're also giving them a mood-boosting, air-purifying container of happiness.3

#6 Gardening Gloves

While plant people love getting their hands in the dirt, they don't necessarily want to get their hands dirty. Gardening gloves keep their hands protected while they scoop, dig, rake, and scrape to their heart's content—and you can never have too many pairs. Extra-long gloves are great for keeping rose-lovers arms safe from thorns, while leather grips help with agility for heavy-duty digging.

#7 Gardening Tools

Every good gardener needs a go-to set of tools to start growing. Pack up a gift bag with some of the best dirt-digging and plant-potting necessities:

  • Gardening apron to keep all the gear on hand and organized
  • Pruning shears to snip and trim
  • Trowel or spade for planting and transplanting
  • Hand rake for smoothing, weeding, and cultivating

#8 Watering Can

Does your green-loving loved one water their houseplants with an empty plastic water bottle, or any random cup that's within reach? Treat them to a watering can that'll minimize spills and drips, making watering their home jungle an easy process. Plus, a large capacity watering can mean fewer trips back and forth to the sink for refills.

Give the Gift of Green With AeroGarden

Cultivate a love of all things green with indoor gardening gifts that inspire them to nurture and grow. Whether they’re tending to a tropical houseplant jungle or feeding their foodie tastes with fresh herbs and veggies like different types of peppers, the plant lover in your life is sure to love an on-theme gift to keep them growing.

At AeroGarden, we make growing easy. Whether you’ve got a countertop garden full of fresh culinary herbs or tasty bite-size tomatoes, our gardens give you gorgeous green goodness right in the comfort of your home.


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