Gift Guide for the Gardener

Let us help you pick the perfect gift for the AeroGardener in your life...or for yourself!

What should you get for all the plant lovers in your life? Let us (the experts) help.

We've curated the best gifts to help you check everyone off your list, including the Gardener! Get them these AeroGarden Accessories and Seed Pod Kits to complement their green thumb.


Remember, it's always a good idea to buy early for the holidays.

Seed Starting Systems 

Help them get a jump start on their outdoor garden by starting seedlings indoors early! With these systems, they have the ability to start several seeds at once that will help expedite their harvesting for the year.

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No Spill Water Jug 

Make their life easier with this custom made no spill watering can.  Works great for ALL their  watering needs. Help them keep their plant babies happy!

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Farm Stacking Systems 

The AeroGarden Farm Stacking Systems are a must-have for stacking your Farm, Farm Plus and/or Farm XL gardens vertically so you can create a beautiful living wall without taking up too much space.

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Have tall, thriving plants that are heavy with fruited tomatoes and peppers? Give them the extra support they deserve with our trellis system accessory. 

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Jalapeno Peppers Seed Pod Kit

Where they can grow their own spicy peppers and use them in a variety of ways, such as spicy salsa, jalapeno poppers, spicy cocktails, and more!

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Lots of Lavender Seed Pod Kit

Gift your loved ones or yourself a field of lavender with our Lots of Lavender Seed Pod Kit. Grow this fragrant and calming herb right on your counter top or desk, cozy up to a cup of lavender infused tea, or dry a bunch for some relaxing sleep bundles.

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