How Is Earth Day Celebrated Around the World?

Earth Day is celebrated every April 22nd and is an important holiday to celebrate. Here’s how countries around the world mark the holiday.

On April 22nd, cultures around the world celebrate Earth Day, an annual event that draws attention to the environmental movement. It’s an annual reminder of the importance our planet Earth—and its natural resources—play in the lives of current and future generations.

And, over the past decades, over 193 countries have observed the Earth Day celebration—empowering local communities, students, and governments to create a positive change for the planet, charging forward with the popular slogan, think globally, act locally.1

So, how exactly do these communities carry out this sentiment to protect our planet Earth?

Let’s dig in.

A Brief History of Earth Day

The first Earth Day was introduced on April 22, 1970, in response to a growing concern for air and water pollution and the exploitation of natural resources. Before this, there was little public awareness of the links between pollution, human health, and environmental degradation.

That is, until Senator Gaylor Nelson of Wisconsin came into the picture.

Senator Nelson was one of the first elected officials to champion the push for a national day of awareness regarding these growing issues. He joined together student associations, faith followings, and citizen groups to conduct organized protests and rallies against the degradation of the environment.

Fortunately, their efforts were a grand success.

Nationwide, participation in the first Earth Day sparked a domino effect that eventually led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and made way for the passage of The Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act.

Since the first Earth Day, many have recognized this day as a nationwide observance of environmental protection. In 1990, Earth Day was ushered to the international stage as 200 million people from 141 countries campaigned to fight environmental issues like pollution, deforestation, and biodiversity loss.2

Today, both global and local communities use this day to promote an understanding of environmental problems and remind their citizens of their responsibility to protect the planet—including its plants, animals, and natural resources.

Earth Day Celebrations Across the Globe

Each country and local community celebrates Earth Day differently. In one country, you may see a parade of employees biking to work instead of driving. In another, a large-scale community service project, like tree-planting or community gardening, may be taking place.

If you’re asking yourself, “How is Earth Day celebrated around the world?” come along as we explore the unique, different ways to celebrate Earth Day around the world.

United States

Celebrations of Earth Day in the United States vary across different cities and states. Rallies, protests, and marches to protect the environment take place, while other civic organizers plan training sessions or educational teach-ins to support sustainability efforts.3


Earth Day in Canada is recognized with a ceremonial tree planting, taking place at McMaster University in Ontario.

Other Earth Day celebrations include educational talks, fundraisers, and sustainability-focused activities. They even have a Tree Planting Relay that encourages different cities to commit to greening their cities!4


In the Philippines, Earth Day is celebrated with a focus on collective climate action to make the planet more habitable.5 The country organizes educational webinars, encourages citizens to pledge their commitment to climate health, and even hosts an Earth Day Run.


In Copenhagen, the celebration of Earth Day commences with drum playing, with each drum pointed at the four corners of the world. Speakers, environmental groups, and civilians are all invited to attend this event and join the March for Science walk.6


The Earth Day Festival in Tokyo takes place in Yoyogi Park and features eco-friendly cooks, charities, and student groups that host booths and workshops for their participants.7 This event even includes an Earth Day Concert with music that celebrates the planet.

South Africa

South Africa promotes collective responsibility and encourages its citizens to participate in environmental initiatives, like picking up litter, using less water, reducing plastic waste, and planting trees.8


When it comes to Earth Day celebrations, it’s best to do as the Romans do. In Rome, a multiple-day festival takes place in the Villa Borghese and includes a large concert, festival activities, and sustainability workshops for children and teens.9

The Importance of Earth Day

Since its inception, Earth Day highlights ways to address environmental problems and has led to the widespread adoption of sustainability-focused policies, actions, and mindsets. But it’s not all business. Earth Day opens the doors for communities to come together, celebrate, and educate themselves on sustainability practices—and enjoy a few festivities, too.

These celebrations highlight the ways in which humans are linked to the natural world—and how greatly we depend on them to support our livelihoods and wellbeing.

Without plants, animals, soil, and water, we wouldn’t be able to support life.

Some could say Earth Day quite literally helps make the world go 'round.

Go Green with AeroGarden

Earth Day is a global affair, and whether you’re attending a rally or participating in city-wide tree-planting, honoring the day—and the planet—helps bring awareness to the critical role Earth’s ecosystems play in our daily lives.

This year, celebrate Earth Day by bringing the magic of the planet into your home. AeroGarden’s indoor hydroponic gardening system brings food from plant to plate—without added herbicides or pesticides, making it healthy for you and Mother Earth.

Little choices can make a big impact—start your green journey today with AeroGarden.


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