What Is Edema on Plants?

Learn more about how to pinpoint and combat edema on your plants.

High levels of light, heat, and a plentiful supply of water and nutrients give plants everything they could want, however, sometimes growth can still go awry with no obvious cause. 

Do you ever look over your garden to discover that your plant leaves are covered in white, crusty bumps? This is called Edema an it is actually quite common, but don't worry, in mild cases it is not harmful to your plant.

Edema is caused by an imbalance between the plant's water uptake and water loss, and develops when root pressure is high and transpiration low. The enlarged cells—which are full of water—divide and rupture, causing a number of symptoms like raised blisters, white, crusty eruptions and water-soaked swellings on leaves, stems and veins.

Edema is usually controlled or prevented by careful management of the environment by increasing air movement, lowering humidity with high rates of ventilation, using a well-drained growing medium (don't over fill your garden) and using the correct amount of our Liquid Plant Food. Too much is actually not good for the plant, please read the bottle for the correct amount to feed your garden.

Take a look at this informative article all about Edema and ways to help or prevent it in the future: