What is the shelf life of an AeroGarden seed kit?

How long can you store your seed pod kit before risking low germination?

We guarantee germination of our seed kits for one year after purchase from any authorized seller. 

Generally, the seeds in a seed kit will remain viable for two years from the date of assembly if stored in a cool, dry location. As seeds get older, their germination rate falls and the average number of days to germination will rise - so if you have had a seed kit for a couple of years, give it a little more time to germinate.  

Critical to seed life is proper storage.  Store seed kits where it's cool and dry, for example inside a baggie in the refrigerator, and they will keep longer than at room temperature.  Don't store them where it's warm and humid;  they may want to start germinating inside the seed kit box and then be spent by the time you plant them.

The nutrients have a long shelf life and need no special care.