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The three major methods of preserving peppers are freezing, drying, and canning.
Learn how to start a compost for unused greens and scraps.
These petal-laden bath bombs are exploding with essential oils, and our very own Calendula flowers.
An Easy Herb Infused Flavored Salt
Easy trick for older, glue-on labels!
This Cuban drink is one of the top refreshing cocktails you can enjoy, especially during warm days.
Learn how to naturally dye your beer with wheat grass juice.
Begin a new holiday tradition and grow your own Easter basket grass!
Unique use of your AeroGarden flowers and herbs!
Creating an arrangement with your herb trimmings is an easy and thoughtful way to share your AeroGarden harvest.
If you want to make a real change for your skin, opt for natural alternatives such as these magical herbal agents.
There are ways to rid your plants of bugs without using chemicals, and all you need are some common household ingredients!