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Applied Filters

Easy trick for older, glue-on labels!

An Easy Herb Infused Flavored Salt

A fragrant use for your lavender!

Learn how to make your own flower crown at home!

Check out these 10 Simple Herbal Remedies you can make with herbs and flowers straight out of your AeroGarden.

Creating an arrangement with your herb trimmings is an easy and thoughtful way to share your AeroGarden harvest.

If you want to make a real change for your skin, opt for natural alternatives such as these magical herbal agents.

These petal-laden bath bombs are exploding with essential oils, and our very own Calendula flowers.

The three major methods of preserving peppers are freezing, drying, and canning.

Learn how to start a compost for unused greens and scraps.

Any AeroGarden flowers can be used in this bath salts recipe! 

It's simple to make your own chamomile tea!