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At AeroGarden, we consider ourselves to be a plants BFF (Best Food Friend), as we offer a variety of plant food options for modern gardening. Read this article to see how you can best support your indoor plants and AeroGarden with Miracle-Gro.

Today, we embark on a mission to ensure indoor growing is more accessible to all.

What's the difference between an AeroGarden Harvest Elite and an AeroGarden Harvest? And what about the Slim, 360, and XL varieties?

Health is not just about vitamins, doctor's appointments, and running outside. Health is a full commitment to a holistic lifestyle, and indoor gardening can help you do it by supporting mental, social, and biological health. Read on to see how!
We water, feed, dust, and even house our leafy friends in stylish pots—but what do our plants do for us?
Learn why indoor gardening is far superior to outdoor gardening.
Stay on top of the gift game with AeroGarden!

Hate throwing away the salad greens you needed for tonight’s dinner? We got you! Cut down food waste and learn how to improve the shelf life of your salad greens at home with AeroGarden’s food-saving tips!

Step-by-step guides to help you setup your AeroGarden or LED Grow Light properly!